25+ Unique Romantic Gifts Ideas That Really Show Love

25+ Unique Romantic Gifts Ideas That Really Show Love

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Exchanging gifts is a custom that everyone in the world is familiar with. No matter what the occasion, we always have something to express our sentiments with. But gifts play an extra special role when it comes to those close to us- such as parents, relatives, friends and our significant other. Presents are as good as compulsory during festivals or other special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and even Valentine’s Day. However, one can easily run out of ideas and turn to Internet for help! This is a list of simple but unique, romantic gift ideas that you can look up quickly before you decide on the perfect one for each event.

1. Couple T-shirts Or Couple Rings :- With the Hallyu wave, everyone across the globe is trying out gifts for couples extensively and getting quite creative with it. Couple rings that show off your love are not just cute trinkets on your finger- they are significant of promises that you make while dating someone special. Couple T-shirts have been around for longer, but it’s only recently that they are gaining limelight. Guys especially seem to love it when they receive such gifts from their girlfriends. No wonder these cute gifts are gradually becoming the most romantic gifts!

2. Teddy Bears To Spread Smiles :- Cute, fluffy, teddy bears are adored by everyone. But you probably haven’t realized that you can gift these snuggles to your close ones with a clearly spelled out, lovely message too. For example, a teddy bear that reminds your parents to drink adequate amount of water regularly or a soft toy that reminds your sister that you are rooting for her would mean a lot when gifted sincerely.

3. Printed Cushions Are All The Rage :- Cushions are the next best thing to teddy bears! You can snuggle into them, use them cleverly for home décor, hug them while watching horror movies or reminisce of the happy times while watching the photos on them! Cushions with various prints or texts on them are also gaining popularity now as you can gift them to anyone you like without reservations.

4. Personalize stuff for the wow value :- Photo frames or musical boxes are quite the standard gifts when you think about it. But when you want to sweep someone off their feet or need something really awesome without going overboard with it, personalized gifts can help you out. They add a mystical mark of your bonding on the gift and make it exceptional for life. Use these awesome ones to spark a new love in your relationship- these will work beautifully as a romantic gift for your wife!

5. Lights To Light Up Her Heart :- Obviously, you wouldn’t be gifting anyone simple, twinkling lights or LEDs! But a cute, personalized dice lamp with photos on all its sides and hanging by its vertex would make for a wonderful gift. Bottle lamps are also a good idea for expressing love in style!

6Take Photo Frames To The Next Level :- Beautiful, lit wall frames with light radiating photographs are totally real and awesome!

7. Shining Ornaments Or Brilliant Show Pieces :- You don’t have to be Sheldon Cooper to know that your girl loves her jewelry! Trendy trinkets can be personalized too, but the standard ones get to the good books as well. Antique show pieces might take you to the higher end of the budget, but they are so worth it, aren’t they? No wonder they make for lovely, romantic gifts for her!

8. Hand Written Letters For Your Bookworm To Cherish :- If your handsome hunk likes spending his time with printed letters, copies of famous works in the genres he likes to read would be a great gift. For most avid readers, there are few books which they might not have had the chance to read. That’s why this option needs a bit of research on your part. But it will be so worth it in the end! Books can hold histories, memories and secrets whispered in the dark like nothing else. So make the most of this unique, wedding romantic gift ideas to make your mark in someone’s heart. If you can’t find anything special written by others, try picking up a pen yourself! Hand written letters are called classic for a reason!

9. Make A Video With Personal Message :- Adding a personal touch to your gifts can go a long way to keep the romance burning in your relationship. So why not make a video message that is all about the two of you? When your husband or wife is away, invest your time in a personal video message and tell your loved ones what you miss about them when they are away from you. In today’s day and age of instant video uploads and live videos on Instagram and other social media platforms, take a step backwards and make this private video only for the two of you. This is sure to light up your moods, not only the first time he or she watches it, but also when you revisit your memories together in the future!

10. Gifts For The Tech Savvy :- We are surrounded by gadgets nowadays. So why not gift one? Useful, unique and creative options are available in plenty when it comes to the tech savvy! From noise cancelling headsets to gym fitbits- there is a useful gadget that will earn you some major points for thoughtfulness and affection, and if you are getting this for your husband, rest assured that it can be one of the most romantic gifts for your husband too!

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If you don’t feel like going with these top ten, there are many more choices that you can go with. The standard, tried and tested ones include a box of sweet chocolates, a bunch of fresh, bright flowers and a surprise cake at midnight. These have direct meanings and bring instant happiness that lasts a lifetime in memories. But there are others still which you can watch or use daily and be reminded of your close ones. The best examples that spring to mind are printed coffee mugs which make your mornings sweeter, personalized tiles which decorate your room with emotions and even customized wallpapers which converts your apartment or building into a home. Traditional Indian sweets boxes are the gifts we have been exchanging ever since we were children- this is quite the norm for all festivals in India! But homemade cookies and chocolates are just as magical when it comes to winning hearts with the help of tasty snacks and sweets! If you want to mix things up or have some fun, create your own jigsaw puzzles with objects that are significant to your relationships. You can find these romantic gifts online easily. If you don’t want to personalize your puzzles, go childish with the standard ones. You would be surprised to see how widely ludo and chess sets are sent as gifts and not just for occasions centered on the kids. Personal care or spa packages can also illicit a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from the recipient of your presents, but it is usually sent to people close to you! There are many other fun, out of the box gift ideas you could check out at Indiagift.in, such as rotating cubes with pictures, three layered, custom made explosion boxes, motivational t-shirts for the New Year, quirky wall hangings or décor pieces, paintings and the list goes on. You can find something for everyone at our online gifts portal according to your requirements and then sit back to relax while it reaches the destination you want it at! It’s that simple.