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10 Occasions That Definitely Cut A Cake

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Cakes have become a very important part of our celebrations nowadays and people enjoy the sweet delicacies on every occasion they can! The ease of ordering cake online has encouraged this habit of enjoying sweets in the form of soft sponges and melt in your mouth cream. You can practically indulge in a chocolaty affair or butterscotch sunshine on any day that ends in a ‘Y’. But if you still need an excuse for celebrating and cutting a cake, here are ten occasions that definitely call for a cake!

1. Birthdays :- This is obvious and probably the most ancient tradition in the history of cake cutting! You can get various themed as well as personalized cake delivery online for anyone’s birthday. Be it your boss, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues or just about anyone you know! With the ease of online ordering, some fans even send cakes online to their idols on their achievements and birthdays. If you want an extra special cake for a special person, get an exclusive cake with photo icing online instead of going the conventional way of getting it from the nearest bakery.

2. Engagement :- This is the beginning of a new phase in the lives of two families. So obviously a cake delivery online after the rings are exchanged is a must.

3. Wedding or Reception :- This is another milestone that must be celebrated with some grand 2 or 3 tier cakes. In some cases, chocolate cakes or red velvet cakes are also ordered by the friends of the bride and the groom to be cut right after the wedding ceremony.

4. Baby Shower :- To celebrate a new life coming into this world, a cake is a must, right? The soon-to-be Mom is showered with lots of love and if she is craving something sweet, then an extra helping of the dessert is in order! Some friends and relatives even prefer to order cupcakes instead of big cakes online.

5. Anniversary :- This is not new either. You may order cakes for your significant other for a quiet celebration at home or if you are planning a party for relatives, friends or parents, then you may order cakes delivery online so that your cake arrives exactly on time.

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6. Promotion :- Well, this is a pretty big occasion, isn’t it? You may treat your friends or family to a black forest or you may order it for your friend or colleague to celebrate this achievement.

7. Farewell :- It is said that farewells are usually the beginning of something new. But even so, if your long term competitive colleague is leaving the office, you can add a humorous touch with funny message on the cake.

8. Graduation and Placements :- Get a cake delivery online for the young adult who is about to step out into the world of competition.

9. Inaugurations and General Parties :- This is pretty standard but this also signifies a new beginning and a big milestone, and hence the cake!

10. New Year and Christmas :- Every Christmas and New Year party is simply incomplete without cake!



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