Top Occasions when People Send Flowers and Cakes in India

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Since historic times, flowers, the most frugal of gifts have been used to convey emotions, when no words could be found. Cakes, on the other hand, were originally very expensive, but celebratory. Today, both flowers and cakes are affordable gifts, and also the best.
Sceptical? Let us list the top five occasions when Indians buy gifts as flowers and cakes online and send them to loved ones.

1)  Birthdays – Birthday cakes are probably the sort of cakes most in demand- frequently in vanilla or chocolate flavours. Best Birthday cakes available online come in a huge variety- of shapes, sizes, tiers, and layers, and even personalized ones.

On someone’s birthday, send a bouquet of flowers they like; or choose a colour-themed bouquet based on their favourite colour; or consult the online florist for help and get a mixed bouquet of brightly-coloured blossoms. Flower shops online guarantee same day delivery; but go the extra mile to find Same day delivery of fresh flowers is guaranteed by all online florists, but only a good flower shopping website will cater to a customer’s needs from the time of order till the delivery.

2)  Weddings and Anniversaries – Wedding cakes tend to be pieces of fragile (and edible) art, made exactly as you wanted, delivered with all the freshness and delicacy you wanted in that romantic atmosphere. Anniversary cakes are slightly different, but just as romantic mood going.

As for flowers, weddings and anniversaries usually mean roses. But you can always think out of the box. The best online flower shopping website would have staff ready to help you the way your local florist would. Tap into their immense knowledge of flowers and meanings, and get something elegant for a loved one on their wedding day, or anniversary.

3)  Special Days- Let’s follow the calendar. In February, you have Valentine’s Day, and then in May, you have Mother’s Day. Local florists and online flower shops face maximum demand on these two days; prices skyrocket; same day delivery becomes difficult; and they all run out of stock very quickly.

Here, the cake saves the day. A perfect cake in the flavour of your special girl’s choice to pamper her can make her day. There’s also Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Teacher’s Day, and Daughter’s Day later on in the year, but choosing flowers and cakes for those occasions is comparatively easy.

4)  Festivals- The global citizen is perfectly justified in sending cakes and flowers instead of traditional sweets for Indian festivities. Again, choose the best online flower shop where the staff would guide you like your local florist. Pick the flowers, state your budget, and let the creativity of online florists produce something magical within that budget.

As for cakes, buy those that suit the occasion. Fruit cakes with plums are traditional for Christmas, while a multi-tiered delicious cake would make a great gift for Bhai Dooj or Rakhi .

5)   Recovery- Days of illness and convalescence can be dismal. Bring a smile on a loved one’s face with some vibrant colours and heavenly fragrances when they are ill or recovering. Buy and send flowers online, but make sure they are not allergic to pollen, or if the hospital- if they are in a hospital- allows flowers. Otherwise, wait till your loved one gets home.

As for cakes, check if the sick or convalescing person is allowed to eat cake before sending one they are bound to like. With the help of a good flower shopping site and cake delivery online, send some sunshine to your loved one to wish them a speedy recovery.