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When is Rakshabandhan 2017? What is the significance of Rakhi?

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Every year, India celebrates the festival of Rakshabandhan with full enthusiasm and awe. This is the festival that unites all the brothers and sisters of the country and enriches the sweet bond between them. Rakshabandhan reminds us of the sweet memories from childhood when all our cousins and siblings used to come to our home and celebrate the occasion together. Sweets, chocolate, good memories and laughter all around! Rakhi is a festival of these characteristics and also not to forget, Rakhi is a festival of amazing Rakhi gifts.

This year, what are your plans for the festival of Rakhi? Are you going to visit your cousins/sibling and wish them Happy Rakshabandhan yourself? All you have to do to make the occasion special for each one in your family is to plan a perfect day for Rakshabandhan. You can start the day by send rakhi gifts to India for each of your brothers and sister and make them happier on the occasion.

When is Rakhi 2017 when should you start with all the preparations?

This year, Rakhi is going to fall on Monday, 7th of August. Almost a month is left for this festival to come and therefore you must gear up with all the celebrations for a perfect Rakhi. You must search and select amazing and creative online Rakhi gifts for your brothers and sisters so that they can thoroughly enjoy the day with your lovely gift. There are a number of possible options out there available for you to select a perfect Rakhi gift for your lovely brothers and sisters. This is the perfect time to start as you would be able to avail amazing discounts and offers for most of the Rakhi gifts online.

Tying a knot on your Brother’s wrist:

From years in India, a ceremony and ritual of sister tying a knot on her brother’s hand is being performed. This ritual has a deep meaning though. The idea is for a sister to tie a protecting knot on her brother’s hand. Years ago, brothers were supposed to go out and do different jobs and thus more prone to risks and accidents therefore their sister used to tie a knot that was supposed to protect their brothers from all the mis happenings.

That knot is called Rakhi. Rakhi is therefore a very special festival devoted to all the siblings and cousins of a person and that has a deep meaning.

Send Rakhi Gifts:

After the Rakhi tying ceremony, all the brothers are supposed to give you a special rakhi gift and lots of rakhi sweets. Now, a brother has to put on a good amount of thoughts to this for sending a perfect and meaningful gift to his sweet sister. All the sisters, in return, offer delicious sweets to their brothers and make it a very happy, positive and enchanting occasion to celebrate. Sending rakhi gifts to brothers and sisters therefore is a very special ritual and an important part of Rakhi.

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