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When is Raksha Bandhan 2018? Why are we celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival?

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Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful festival which is historically dedicated to the love and respect that prevails between brothers and sisters. The day is commemorated in many parts of India with great spirits and enthusiasm. The word Raksha Bandhan has taken its birth from Sanskrit term. Raksha means ‘protection’ and Bandhan means ‘bond’ that means a bond of protection. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Sharavan. This sacred day has been associated with commemorating the connection between a protector and a protectee. According to Hindu Mythology, the day has been witnessed to celebrate the love and care between brothers and sister.

This year, 26 August is noted as the day to celebrate this beautiful festival. The celebration begins when sisters tie a divine thread around the wrist of their brothers and pray for their prosperity and longevity. The divine thread called ‘Rakhi’ means the bond of protection. Brothers in return reciprocate their love by presenting gorgeous rakhi gifts to their adorable sisters.  They also take a vow to protect their sisters from bad evils for the lifetime. The Rakhi festival doesn’t only intensify the bond of love and affection between siblings but also transcend happiness in the families.

You might be eager to know about why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great enthusiasm so here is a mythological theory related to Raksha Bandhan;

Draupadi and Krishna

 One of the most famous Indian mythology folklore is of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Lord Krishna cut his little finger. Seeing Krishna bleeding severely, Draupadi tear out a part of her sari and tied on his finger. In return to this, Lord Krishna promised to protect her from negativities. He fulfill his promise when Draupadi was in trouble during the disrobing(Cheerharan). With his unusual power lord, Krisha saved her by extending her saree during that time. This is how he keeps his promise to save Draupadi.

Yama and Yamuna

Yama the God of death didn’t visit his sister Yamuna then Yamuna sought help from the river Ganga. When Ganga reminds Yama regarding his sister then he decided to visit Yamuna. Yamuna was very happier and therefore she prepared a beautiful feast for Yama. She tied a rakhi around his wrist. Yama was also happy and he asked when Yamuna wants in return as a gift. She wished that she wanted that her brother must visit her soon. To fulfill the desire of his sister, he blessed her with eternal life and now Yamuna is the longest and second greatest tributary of Ganga.

Raksha Bandhan in History

The historical reason for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan is described here;

Roxana and King Porous

Roxana, the wife of Alexander the great, sent a divine thread to king Porous with the promise not to harm her husband in the battlefield. During the battle of Hydaspes, when Porous watches the divine thread on his hand, he stooped himself from harming to Alexander. However, Porous didn’t win the battle but he won Alexander’s honor.

Mughal Emperor Humayun and Queen Karnavati

Queen Karnavati become the official of Mewar after her husband Rana Sangha expired. She ruled in the name of her son Vikramjeet. During the time when Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked Mewar for the second time then Rani Karnavati was frightened and she started looking for help from other kingdoms. At that time, Rani Karnavati wrote a letter for help and also sent a rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun. After receiving her letter and rakhi, Humayun decided to help her.

Above is the historical and mythological reason why Raksha Bandhan is commemorated with higher spirits.

Raksha Bandhan Commemoration in Modern Generation

With the passage of time, this delightful celebration has taken a new turn. Now, people commemorate this festival by surprising their siblings with astonishing gifts. Girls also tie a rakhi on their sister-in-law’s wrist or on her bangles. That rakhi is generally named as Bhabhi Rakhi. So, it’s not about the celebration that takes place between brother and sister but with sister-in-law too. The whole market is filled with loads of gifts for brother, sister and sister in law. Different types of rakhis can be discovered easily. However, due to the busy schedule, there are many people who can’t go to the market to buy rakhis and rakhi gifts online for their siblings so they prefer to shop for online.

There are many online rakhi gift portals and amongst all Indiagift is the best online rakhi gift portal. The array of amazing rakhi gifts provides you the opportunity to shop for the best gift for your siblings. Rakhi festival is the best day to shower unconditional love and affection on siblings. Informally, the day is also termed as the birth of siblinghood. So, to celebrate the bond of siblinghood, explore our huge collection of Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas and order the best one. We have come up with a variety of online rakhis, rakhi gifts, online rakhi gifts for brother and return rakhi gifts for sister so that you can shop in a breeze.

Apart from ordering rakhi gifts online for home delivery, one can also send Rakhi and rakhi gift to India from USA, UK, Dubai, Australia etc. Raksha Bandhan is the best opportunity to nourish the brother-sister relationship especially for those siblings who don’t live together. So, if you are among them then Rakhi festival is the high time to shower your love on your sibling by ordering and sending amazing rakhi gifts as a token of unconditional love and affection. Here are some unique Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas which are applicable both for brothers and sisters.

Online Rakhi Cakes, Chocolates and Flowers: The stunning amalgamation of cake, chocolates and flowers make a wonderful rakhi gift for your sibling. You can explore our wide collection of rakhi combos and buy the apt one which will delight your sibling.

Sweets: Sweets are the shortest way to win the heart of siblings. So, his rakhi festival brings delicious sweets to your home. You can buy Kaju katli, motichoor laddu, rasgulla etc from Indiagift.

Photo Frame, Mug and Key Chain: Personalized gifts have graced the art of gifting. They have a unique power to convey love and affection. So, this Raksha Bandhan surprise your siblings by gifting them a personalized photo frame, mug and keychain.

Shopping Voucher: It will be the best rakhi gift for your sister as well as brother. Win the heart of your sibling by gifting this stunning gift. It will definitely leave them with a million dollar smile.

Teddy Bear and Cushions: You can also gift something which provides comfort to your sibling. Teddy bear and cushions are also the best rakhi gift which you can buy for your siblings.

Indiagift understands the love between brother and sister and hence they if you are away from your sister, even then you can send rakhi gift for sister from Indiagift. To make the celebration more interesting, Indiagift is also providing a heavy discount on rakhi gifts. So, don’t wait anymore and place your rakhi gift order instantly.

Indiagift Wishes You “Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018”.

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