10 Online Shopping Hacks That Will Help You To Save Money

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The trend of shopping online has increased in recent years and this has led to a great hike in the online business. There are so many e-commerce websites present online where you can buy anything starting right from books to the appliances, from makeup accessories to the dresses. Well, it has just made our experience of shopping really easy because we do not have to get out of our homes now for buying something. We just have to turn on our data connection or WiFi connection and get connected to the internet. Just search for the product that we need and scroll till we find the one that fits all our requirements. As soon as we find the perfect product, just order it by a click and choose to pay on delivery or just online. The product will reach at our doorsteps within days. But there are so many tips and tricks that every person who do online shopping should know so that they can get some discount on the product. And I am sure that there is nobody who would not like to have discount on products that they are going to buy. With various shopping coupons and deals, and tips and tricks, this can actually be done. Here are 10 shopping hacks for all the online buyers to save money!

1. LEAVE ITEMS IN CART WITHOUT COMPLETING PURCHASE – There is a thing that you need to know regarding the online shopping. It is that even though these are the automatic and technical things, the platform still has a human touch. So, if there is a product that you have fallen in love with but just cannot afford it, just leave it in the cart and do not proceed to checkout. The next time when you will browse for the same product or some website, you will see the banner ads flashing and showing the same product with some discounts on it. It is just as simple as that.

2. MAKE PAYMENTS FROM CREDIT CARD INSTEAD OF DEBIT CARD – If you are among those who know well about their finances and keep a track of the same, it is recommended that you must pay your online shopping price with credits cards instead of the debit cards. The reason behind this is that many banks and shopping platforms have collaborated with the Payback and Cash back services that will be helping you in getting some extra discounts on various products. Plus there is another benefit. During the refunds, the refunds carried on credit cards are faster than on debit cards.

3. FAVORITE ITEMS THAT YOU LIKE – You can favorite or mark star the items that you like. Many people don’t know about it but when some sales or discounts are present on the selected product, you are give instant updates and notified of it and you can buy it when you get heavy discount on the product.

4. BUY DISCOUNT CARDS INSTEAD OF PAYING ONLINE FOR EVERY ORDER – There are websites like Flipkart and Amazon that offer the gift cards. These gift cards can be used for ordering the products that you want to within a year and for every product that you order, value from the discount card is deducted and there is no need of payments. And yes, these platforms also offer 20% discount on these cards, which is quite interesting to note.

5. SCORE THROUGH REFERRAL DISCOUNTS – Most of the shopping platforms online give you an option of getting huge discounts by just referring to your friends. So, it is a great opportunity to use. Just make multiple accounts and shop from all of them to get really good amount of discounts for yourself so that you can buy the products at less amount.

6. SHOP THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS FOR GETTING MAXIMUM DISCOUNTS – Usually it is seen that people tend to buy products on the online shopping platforms over the end of their working week days which are Thursdays and Fridays. The people usually tune up the discount percentages in these days. So, you should not lose out on the opportunity and make the best use out of it as you can get great discounts on some pricy deals and this is what you want, right? By the way, never shop on the busiest and the most hated day of the week – Mondays. The reason behind this is that the deals are new and at the beginning of the week, online shopping platforms are the most conservative with the discounts.

7. DOWNLOAD HONEY EXTENSION ON GOOGLE CHROME TO FIND COUPONS –There is a website called Honey and it has its Google Chrome extension available. It helps in finding various coupon codes on various products that you are shopping really instantly. The extension for this website works really great with all the international shopping platforms and for all the multinational brands as well. This is the best thing that you can have for shopping online with some coupon codes and getting discounts on your favorite products.

8. FOLLOW EACH BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA – If you are a shopper who is really serious about the brands and never shop out of brands, then it is really important for you to follow the brands that you like on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The reason why I am saying you to do so is that the brands usually reveal codes and coupons frequently as a part of the digital marketing strategy that you can get help from. With this, you will stay updated with the codes and coupons, and you will get to know about the brand products as well.

9. SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTERS – Every online shopping platform comes with a newsletter every now and then, and this gives all their shoppers great information about all the latest discounts held on various products, all the upcoming flash sales, and on the sale products. You must subscribe to the newsletters so that you can stay ahead in the game of online shopping and get all the discounts with ease as soon as they come up online. The newsletters are really important and of great help for the flash sales.

10. COMPARE PRICES –There are various online shopping websites present and they all have different prices to offer for the same product. So, before going to one website and buying a product from there, it is recommended to compare the price for the product that you are going to buy. You can use the websites like Price Dekho, Compare India, My SmartPrice, Where2shop for comparing the prices of the same product and can really save a good amount.

So, these were ten tips and tricks that can help every online buyer out there to save money by getting shopping coupons and deals, and various discounts on almost every product present out there. I hope that these tricks will help you but they will only help you once you try them out. These were the simplest and easiest of all the tricks to use for getting heavy discounts on almost every product – starting right from books to the makeup to the dresses to the electronics – that you want to buy.