What Flowers Are Better To Give As A Gift To A Young Girl?

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For centuries, flowers have been symbolic. They are associated with certain meanings, and when you send flowers to India to a young girl, you need to know which flowers you can give and in what context. For this, it always helps to have an online florist guide you.

Roses- Among all flowers, delivery of roses are the most common flower delivery done. Roses come in different colours and are seen as a symbol of love and passion. Send flowers to India after an online florist tells you what each colour of rose means. Yellow, pink, red, and white are the most popular varieties of roses sent through flower delivery. Yellow roses stand for friendship, pink roses for gentle love, red for passionate love, while white roses stand for purity and innocence. Send roses to India and get them delivered fresh and fragrant.

Carnations- Very popular in the flower delivery service are bouquets of carnations. In general, online florists will tell you that they stand for love, with white carnations symbolizing pure love, light red symbolizing admiration, and dark red standing for passion. Pink carnations are given the most importance, being associated with the Madonna’s tears. Send flowers like carnations to India with online flower delivery.

Gerberas- Bouquets of gerberas are flowers you can send to India any time, but gerberas are especially for celebrations. Gerbera daisies come in a range of colours- like white, red, yellow, orange, and so on. The flower itself seems to radiate bubbly, energetic happiness and symbolises the spirit of children. Get in touch with your online florist and send flowers to India on any happy occasion.

Orchids- Orchids are flowers that stand for beauty, grace, luxury, as well as love and strength. Pink/purple orchids and dark blue orchids are most popular in flower delivery and online florists believe they can be sent through flower delivery to young girls in any context.

Lilies- Different colours of lilies are associated with different meanings, but the white lily, which is the most popular, stands for virtue. The white lily is used both on happy occasions and in funerals- online florists say that sending white lilies symbolizes that the soul of the departed person is innocent again.

Apart from these five very popular flower delivery to India, you can send other flowers, like the exotic Birds of Paradise which represent happiness, gladiolus flowers that stand for strength and also for infatuation, peonies that symbolise prosperity, or beautiful anthuriums which represent hospitality. Check with your online florist for flower delivery today.