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What Are Some Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts A Company Could Give

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If you are going to look for corporate Diwali gifts for your employees, then thankfully today you have many options. In fact, many of the online gifting portals have the “Corporate Diwali gifts” section devoted to buying gifts for your employees. You may avail good discounts on the gifts if you are buying them in bulk.

Diwali is a nice time to give gifts and spread positivity in your workspace. Therefore if you are looking to give some Diwali gifts for corporate, it may be the right opportunity to give them something that will help them make a positive frame of mind and be more productive.

Here are some of the interesting Diwali gifts you can look at for your employees –

  • Ganesha Idol
    One of the most common gifts you will see online is a Ganesha idol. Now these come in various shapes, sizes and designs. But since Ganesha stands as the remover of obstacles and he is revered in all forms, he is one of the best icons of the corporate drive. This idol is also one of the most common Diwali gifts for employees.Ganesha Idol for diwali
  • Lucky bamboo
    They say the more luck you spread, the more it comes back to stay with you. With this thought, you can aspire to give your employees the Lucky bamboo stick. These lucky bamboo trees are cheap but they are the epitome of positivity, hence a great option when considering Diwali gifts.

lucky bamboo

  • Buddha Statue
    Tell your employees that you are concerned about their mental peace but giving them this Zen statue to calm their minds. They work hard to bring you success. Let this time be their rejuvenation. Promote tranquility so that they get back with renewed enthusiasm. The Buddha statue is also among the common Diwali gifts for employees. They come in all shapes and sizes.

buddha statue online

  • Pen Drives
    Their prices are below Rs. 400 and these are the easiest to gift. Plus, they are useful to the employees too. You can also upload your own logo over the pen drives. Customized pen drives are a smart Diwali gift.

pen drive for corporate diwali gift

  • Power Bank
    A power bank is another practical gift that can come of use. The best part is that these are extremely budget friendly. A single power bank with your company’s logo on it costs around Rs. 350. More and more companies are shifting towards personalized Diwali gifts for employees. In them, a power bank is a good option.

power bank for diwali gift

  • Combos
    There are several types of combos available – from promotional combos to personalized combos, of pens and notepads. They make good Diwali gifts for small to medium companies.

 corporate diwali gifts combo

You will find all of these gift categories in online shopping portals.

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