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Trending Online Rakhi Designs to Look Out For from Indiagift

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Raksha Bandhan, a cherished Indian festival celebrating the bond between siblings, has evolved over time. This timeless tradition of tying a rakhi symbolizes the strong connection of love and protection. As the festival approaches, the excitement of selecting the perfect rakhi for your brother or sister grows. In the digital age, online platforms like Indiagift have revolutionized the way we shop for Raksha Bandhan. Let’s explore the trending online rakhi designs from Indiagift that you should look out for to make this Rakhi truly special.

Traditional Elegance:

Traditional rakhi designs never lose their charm. Intricately designed with beads, stones, and threads, traditional rakhis exude a sense of cultural richness. From Kundan Rakhi to Meenakari work, these rakhis reflect the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship. Indiagift offers a diverse range of traditional rakhis that capture the essence of the festival’s deep-rooted traditions.

Online Rakhi Desgins

Personalized Rakhis:

Personalized rakhis have gained immense popularity in recent years. You can now customize rakhis with your sibling’s name, initials, or even a heartfelt message. These rakhis add a personal touch to the celebration and make your sibling feel truly special. Indiagift’s collection of personalized rakhis allows you to express your love uniquely.

personalised rakhi

Bracelet Rakhis:

Embracing modernity, bracelet rakhis are a fashionable choice for siblings who appreciate contemporary designs. These rakhis can be worn even after the festival as stylish accessories. With their sleek and trendy look, bracelet rakhis from Indiagift are perfect for the fashion-conscious generation.

evil eye Rakhi

Cartoon and Superhero Rakhis:

For the little ones in the family, cartoon rakhi and superhero-themed rakhis are a huge hit. Indiagift offers a delightful range of rakhis featuring beloved characters like Spider-Man, Chhota Bheem, and Barbie. These rakhis bring joy to the younger siblings and also infuse a sense of fun into the celebrations.

Online Rakhi Designs - cartoon rakhi

Religious Rakhis:

Religious rakhis are designed with symbols of faith and spirituality. From Om and Swastika motifs to images of deities, these rakhis hold a deeper significance. They are perfect for siblings who share a strong spiritual bond. Indiagift’s collection of religious rakhis beautifully combines tradition with devotion.

Religious rakhi

Lumba Rakhis:

Lumba rakhis, also known as bhabhi rakhis, are specially designed for sisters-in-law. These rakhis often come in sets with a matching rakhi for the brother. They symbolize the bond between a sister and her brother’s wife. Indiagift offers a splendid variety of lumba rakhis that reflect the warmth of this relationship.

Lumba Rakhi

Silver and Gold Rakhis:

Elevate the celebration with the elegance of silver and gold rakhis. Skilled artisans craft these rakhis with intricate metalwork and frequently embellish them with precious stones. They exude a feeling of opulence and people can treasure them as heirlooms. Indiagift’s selection of silver and gold rakhis adds a touch of luxury to Raksha Bandhan.

Silver and Gold Rakhis

Plantable Rakhis:

In line with the growing eco-consciousness, plantable rakhis have gained attention. These rakhis embed with seeds. Yoc can plant after the festival to grow into plants. Indiagift’s range of plantable rakhis reflects a commitment to sustainability and nurturing the environment.

Seed Rakhi


As the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaches, the online platform Indiagift offers a plethora of trending rakhi designs that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From traditional elegance to modern creativity, from personalized expressions to environmental consciousness, these rakhi designs encapsulate the essence of the festival in unique ways. Indiagift’s collection guarantees that this Rakhi, even with physical distances that may separate siblings, maintains a heartfelt and joyous celebration of the bond that connects them. Explore these popular online rakhi designs to craft a memorable and special Raksha Bandhan for your beloved brother or sister.


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