Top Christmas cakes that everyone loves

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Top Christmas cakes that everyone loves

What comes to your mind when you think about Christmas? Jesus Christ, Santa, gifts and cakes. Yes, send cakes for Christmas and half the battle of wooing your old friends and relatives is won already. Christmas cakes, to be precise, are those mouth-watering delicacies without which no one can imagine Christmas. There are perhaps thousands of Christmas cake verities available in the market. But you only want the best ones, right? So here we are, with the best Christmas cakes you may want to taste the festival:


1) Italia Cream Cake

Ever since pizza, we have believed that anything that comes out of Italy has to be delicious. Thankfully, the Italian Cream Cake doesn’t disappoint. This mouth-watering cake is a pure buttermilk-covered bliss, occasionally kissing you with the crushed nuts. Honestly, one of the most exotic gifts for Christmas I could think of.


2) Plum Cakes

Plum cakes have been one of the most traditional Christmas cakes to exist. The reason is not just the mouth-watering flavor, but also the ease with which they are prepared. The fruity cake with a touch of spices and the intoxication of rum, is almost like the entire Christmas wrapped around one exotic piece of cake.  And on top of that, Plum Cakes have one of the most flexible recipes, giving you full freedom to use your cooking creativity. Yes, without a doubt, these are one of the best gifts for Christmas.


3) Rum Cake

What could be better than rum? Yes, a Rum Cake. Rum cakes are simply delicious, but even simpler to make. In fact, just a moist product that mixes yellow cake with vanilla pudding, pecans and any amount of rum you prefer, and voila! You will simply marvel at how simple things turn out to be truly delicious. If you are a little fun type, increase the level of rum to dangerous levels- and you have the best Christmas gifts to send to your friends.


4) Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Cakes are more of an art than anything else. Trust me- it would have tasted yummy even if it were round or square in shape. But the tree-shape is what makes it unique and truly fun to have. It is not one of the easiest recipes, requiring considerable effort to make. But once created, it will proudly sit as the showcase of your culinary skills, while others watch you in awe. If you are one to boast, this is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts.


5) Carrot Cake

For the uninitiated, carrots look like one of the last things to be put in a cake. But the seasoned cooks know better. Started as a mediaeval practice, Carrot Cakes are now a well-recognized part of Christmas cuisines. The best part is that the main ingredient is one of the humbler vegetables, so you can send cakes for Christmas to you family, friends and neighbors without worrying about your pocket. Just top it with cream cheese, pecans and sugar icing- and you have a mouth-smacking cake that you simply can’t wait to put in your mouth.

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