Significance of Lohri

Significance of Lohri and Why do we burn fire on Lohri?

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Lohri is a festival of and it is celebrated in the Northern part of India. This festival is mainly celebrated in Punjab and Haryana. On the 13th January of every year Lohri festival is celebrated with great pop and shows. Lohri festival is associated with the harvest of the Rabi crops. This festival is celebrated by the Sikhs and the Hindus. The main attraction of this festival is the bonfire, songs, and sweets.

A large number of farming communities live in northern India and celebrate the Lohri festival and they offer their harvested crops to the fire God. On this day it marks the end of the Financial Year and the beginning of a new year after one day. Few people believe that Lohri is celebrated to mark the passing of the winter season and during that day winters are at their peak and after that coolness of the winter goes down.

There are some unique customs associated with the Lohri festival. This customer is very similar to the western culture custom of treating on Halloween. In the northern parts of India, all teenage groups of boys and girls start collecting logs for the bonfire 15 days before the Lohri festival. Also, they collect different items like grains, jaggery, and money. All these things will be divided among all. Also, a group of teenagers sang Lohri songs and if their wish is not fulfilled then they smash the clay pots and clay stove till their demands are not fulfilled. If their wishes are fulfilled, get amazing gifts then they give good wishes and good luck to the family.

During the bonfire, time crowds gather around the bonfire and celebrate the Lohri festival and celebrate the passing of the winter solstice. Also, people sing and dance to the most popular veer Zaara song Lo aa Gayi Lohrive.

Murmura Ladoo with Gachak

Meaning of Lohri

Many of us are not aware of the actual meaning of the Lohri. The Lohri word comes from ‘Tilohri’ i.e. ‘til’ means sesame and ‘rorhi’ means jaggery/gur. That is why it is referred to as Lohri. People believed that dry fruits and these two ingredients help in sanitizing our body, and also renew our energy for the New Year. That is why foods like jaggery, gachak, til ki chikki, and chocolates are offered to the lord of fire to pay gratitude towards nature.

Roasted Shell Peanuts with Gachak

Importance of bonfire

People believed that offering food items like til, gur, and sweets to the God of Fire on this day helps in removing negativity from life and brings prosperity in our life. The bonfire represents Lord Agni. After offering food to the almighty, people seek their blessings and ask for prosperity and happiness from Lord Agni.

Special Lohri Sweets

Walking around the bonfire

People believe that if we take one walk around the fire on Lohri, it helps in bringing prosperity. In Punjab, this festival holds special value for the new brides. They believe all new prayers and concerns will be immediately answered and their life will be filled with positivity and prosperity.

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