Top 5 Rakhi Designs That Kids Love

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Rakhi gifts for sister can be a very fun event. The little ones anticipate the type of rakhis they are going to get and if they happen to like them, they can’t wait to show them to their friends. This is why there is a whole separate segment for kids’ rakhi in the online rakhisportal. Theirs is a tad bit different from the rakhis that men usually want of course.

While the new product by Indiagift- the Fidget Spinner personalised Rakhi is a rage this Rakshabandhan, there are various other popular rakhi designs too. The Fidget Spinner Rakhi has 3 personalised photos of the sender and her brother and is a great gift for brother for rakhi. It doubles up as a Rakhi and a toy for kids.

Rakhi Gifts For Sister

If you are searching for rakhis for your little ones this season then don’t forget to check out these top 5 designs –

  1. Chota Bheem RakhiDoes your brother love Chota Bheem? Then how can you not find this rakhi for them? These are usually very common and you will find them on most online rakhis portals right in the kids’ rakhi section.  Similar to Chota Bheem there is also another type of rakhi called the Hanuman rakhi. These are all rakhis that will get your kid excited in no time.
  2. Smiley FaceIf you are seeking for rakhi gifts for sister then you have one that will truly bring a smile on their face. The smiley face rakhi is very common and it is also very easy to make at home. This type of kids’ rakhi is available even in online stores. The smiley face rakhi fo one, will bring a lot of positivity – the kind that you want your kid to have always.
  3. Bal GaneshaDoes your brother snatch away the remote from you every time there is “Oh my friend Ganesha” on TV? Then you know he is a fan of Ganesha. This is actually a common favorite among kids and therefore an idea rakhi for brother.
  4. Angry birds’ rakhiDoes your child like to play angry birds on your mobile a lot? Perhaps this is the type of rakhi that will cheer them up. The Angry birds’ rakhi, for one, are very colorful and funny. For the siblings that cannot stop fighting this is the ideal rakhi for brother from his sister.
  5. Personalized rakhiNow the brother and sister can get each other personalized rakhis as well. This is the beauty of the gifts today. Rakhi for kidshas never been so special and heartfelt. You can simply attach your kid’s picture to the center and have your daughter tie it. It is quite in trend these days.

It is easy to buy Rakhi for kids if you know what your kids love. You can also ask them as kids likes and dislikes tend to change frequently. They may be able to give you better pointers on what it is that holds their fancy right now. Online rakhis make shopping for them that much easier.

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