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Propose Day 2023 – When is Propose Day and Best Proposal Ideas

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The eight-day-long annual love festival is just around the corner, and people worldwide are all set to celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Valentine’s day 2023 will fall on February 14th, Tuesday but the festivities will start on the 7th Feb itself involving the exchange of gifts, cards, and flowers as a token of love and affection. The second day of this festive love-filled week is celebrated as Propose day. 

Propose day 2023 will be celebrated on February 8th, Wednesday. It is considered the most appropriate day to express love to someone with whom one is enamored of. If someone has feelings for somebody and has not been able to get an opportunity to reveal them, this is the best time of the year when they can exhibit his/her love without really being bothered about the aftermath. Those besotted in love typically buy gifts for their special one by logging on to

Significance of Propose day:

Not much is known about the origin of Valentine’s day. According to an old prevalent version Valentine’s day was celebrated as a feast day to honour a Christian martyr Saint Valentine and its popularity has been growing ever since. Though contagious euphoria fills the entire week the second day of the week stands out. It is observed as extra special as one proposes to his/her beloved on this day. There is a remarkable rise in the trend of celebrating Propose day among millennials. Even when they are committed, sharing a nuptial bond, or looking for a soul mate, what better way than Propose day for expressing your deep emotions? Proposing a loved one is no longer limited to males even females today are proposing to their loved ones and are breaking the gender biases that have prevailed in society for a long.

How to celebrate propose day:

No specific code of conduct has been laid down in this respect. People across the globe keep breaking stereotypes. They think differently, experiment with the new, and express their love in the best manner possible. All that one needs to do is plan according to what the partner adores. One must prioritize according to the likes of the partner. Keep things simple, yet special that are instrumental enough to etch a memory for a lifetime. One must pay extra heed to not overdo things such that you end up putting your partner in an embarrassing or odd situation. Partners throughout the world draw up the best proposal ideas to make their special ones feel on top of the world. They go down on their knees, present attractive flowers, gift chocolates, offer gifts or even plan out romantic dates or trips with their beloved. This day is special for both singles and couples; they put their best foot forward to make it memorable in this journey of togetherness.

Best Proposal ideas:

People love to celebrate the day either with complete simplicity and sobriety or with sheer indulgence and grandiosity. Those seeking lifelong companionship wait anxiously for the day to express their deepest feelings without inhibition. Some get creative and end up making this day special for their loved ones. Depending on one’s preference following proposal ideas can be considered.

Buying gifts: Gifts for the Propose day range from flowers, candles, jewelry, chocolates, soft toys, candles, cakes, and other collectibles. This is the most common and trustworthy of all ideas that instantly wins over your favorite one. Gifts are available on the platform

Dream Destination Proposal: Try and discover your partner’s dream destination and plan a trip to the place and voice out your sincerest feelings to her/him while snuggling under the star-lit sky on the eve of Propose day.

Candlelight dinner: A foolproof tried and tested way of winning a place in your loved one’s heart by treating her/him with a scrumptious meal.

Down the memory lane proposal: Collect the pictures of all those lovely moments spent together. Prepare a scrapbook or a video with a piece of background music or a collage. And when the partner is all consumed in reliving those moments, whisper the magical words into his/her ears.

Caricature proposal: Order a caricature from Indiagift or arrange a professional artist who draws a picture of you two holding hands and speaking bubbles with your message written while leaving an empty bubble for your partner for him/her to fill in the answer.

Podcast Proposal: Create a podcast and send her/him a link. Ensure that you manage to make an appearance before she/he finishes hearing or watching it to hug your loved one.

Arranging for a professional photoshoot: Hire a professional photographer and designer attire to get some cozy clicks together. Propose to your loved one during the photo shoot while the photographer captures the special moment candidly.

 Drone proposal: You can plan to go all out. Plan a visit to a park or a beach or a resort and have a drone fly with a ring attached and go down on the knees to present to your loved one the life-changing question while the moment gets recorded candidly.

Hot air balloon proposal: You can organize a hot air balloon ride with your treasured one and propose to him/her while sailing among the clouds in the limitless sky.

Showcasing the purest form of emotion called love, expressing how much you mean to them, and telling them that you are incomplete without them is one of the most beautiful gestures in the world. With your heart at the right place, go ahead and hold his/her hand and say “can you be mine for the rest of your life?” And let the magic begin.


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