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Lohri Gifts Ideas – Traditional and Modern

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Lohri is the first Indian festival of the year, and so it obviously calls for celebration with family and friends! This festival of the 13th of January is usually celebrated with much enthusiasm and verve among the Sikhs and Hindus commemorating the passing of the winter solstice. That is a major reason why the traditional Lohri songs are generally in praises of the Fire God for providing heat during the longer nights and shorter days. Clearly, this festival too would be incomplete without exchanging Lohri gifts and sharing heartfelt wishes with close ones. If you are thinking of the stresses of gift hunting and looking for some simple and amazing Lohri gift ideas, check out the latest mix of Indiagift.in. You will certainly find something for every taste and requirement- classy or funky, traditional or modern!

Traditional Lohri Gift Ideas : – In our country, every festival is incomplete without sweets. In fact, Lohri is marked by certain sweets that can be had only during this season! Households with joint families prepare these sweets like Gur Peanut Chikki and Atta Laddoos at home in advance. But did you know that these delicacies can actually make for pretty awesome Lohri gifts ideas as they convey the warmth of home and joyous sentiments of being together. A silver plate full of soft, mildly sweet Kaju Barfis can melt and connect hearts like no other gift item! When a lot of people come together under one roof, you need a complete stock of sweets, snacks and dry fruits to keep the party going, don’t you? Dry fruits and sweets arranged in cane baskets and silver platters are gaining popularity this festive season solely for the happiness they deliver.

Modern Lohri Gift Ideas :- Do you find big, beautifully decorated cakes a hassle for Indian festivals which usually call for crunchy, warm sweets? Well then, the tinier, cuter version of those cakes in the form of an assortment of cupcakes would work perfectly for you! In various designs and flavors, these can be the perfect Lohri gifts too, especially when there are kids around! They add a homey and yet modern touch to the tradition of exchanging sweets. In that case, chocolates work beautifully to bring everyone together despite the distance too. Whether you go for the crunchy, hazelnut filled Ferrero Rochers or the darker Bourneville for the fitness conscious- this is a unique and fun way to wish your friends a Happy Lohri! If the edibles are not an option for you, check out indoor plants and accessories for a more noble and chic gifting ideas. Scroll through such gifts and more on Indiagift.in and truly enjoy the harvest festival with your loved ones.

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