Top 8 Indoor Plants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

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Indoor plants are usually associated with home-decor purposes and the green gives out a very positive vibe that makes the room very welcoming. There’s something very lively about plants that make the place more alive and puts you in a relaxing mood. No matter how furnished your room is, with wood-paneled floors and refined upholstery, but a single potted palm in the corner has a unique charm altogether that beckons to you. Besides, their endearing qualities you can buy plant gifts online as they are very affordable. Therefore, next time you have a dilemma regarding gifts present your loved ones with indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins like carbon monoxide, benzene, and various other pollutants. Along with their eco-friendly benefits, these indoor plants make the best gifts for housewarming, birthdays, and farewells etc. When your loved ones and their health is your top priority these indoor plants which are also called as ‘natural life support system’ and can be sent as plant gifts online from nurseries and gift stores. Check out these multipurpose plants which are not only thoughtful gifts but are also natural air fresheners.

1. Snake Plants

Snake Plant

Snake plant is basically certified by NASA for its anti-polluting qualities. Perfect for apartment dweller you don’t have to worry about sunlight and watering it daily because of its resilient quality that flourishes in even the harshest of environments. A snake plant is one of the best air purifiers which doesn’t require much of your effort or time.

2. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Plant

This tropical species of palm is one of the most common indoor plants that ornament the room by just being there. As this plant doesn’t require much sunlight to grow although it helps in its fast growth, the bamboo palm is an extraordinary indoor plant which helps clean the air and graces your room with its immaculate presence.

3. Spider Plants

Spider Plant

Best suited in pots and hanging baskets, spider plants along with having thick foliage are blossom with tiny white flowers in the summer months that look like flowers, hence, the name. Along with beautifying your surroundings, these plants are one of the trending plant gifts online.

4. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

The most popular member of the fern family, Boston Fern is well known for its vivid green color that resembles emerald along with its air-purifying qualities. These plants are well known for their evergreen quality, and resistant even to drought-like situations and don’t wither easily.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Among other qualities including the medicinal ones, Aloe Vera is one unique cactus that also helps clean toxins and other pollutants inside your home. This plant needs minimal care and in return offers you so many in return and is quite handy when you decide to keep it indoors.

6. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

What if you could have actual flowers in your room? The peace lily is a flowering plant that is related to the smaller species of lily that will adorn your room and remind you of spring whenever you look at it along with its air freshening qualities.

7. Dracaena/ Janet Craig

Dracaena/ Janet Craig

You often see these plants with pointed needles in offices and corporate building because they need less sunlight, water and can thrive in even the challenging of situations and you cannot kill this plant no matter how hard you try. Among other redeeming qualities it helps in removing harmful substances in the air is, therefore, your very own natural air freshener.

8. Money Plant

Money Plant

Along with the aesthetic appeal it holds, whether in glass bottles or planted in ceramic pots, money plants also help clean the air from benzene and other harmful gases and pollutants. This eco-friendly plant also signifies prosperity and good wishes making it a very popular plant gift online.

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