How to Celebrate Janmashtami During Lockdown ?

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Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna is a day full of rituals and festivities of Krishna Bhakths. Lord Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu is a most loved deity and worshipped not only in Hinduism but also several other religious sects. Thus, Janmashtami is celebrated worldwide amongst various communities and often given various names like Gokul Ashtami, Saatam Aatham etc. This day is marked by several rituals, prominent being offering prayers to Radha Krishna and eating sweets and dancing around the Krishna idols. People often exchange sweets and offer gifts for Janmashtami to each other along with prayers.

Visiting the temple is a popular ritual done on this special day. But with the lockdown in the country, several temples are still not open for public. In such a circumstance, one can simply celebrate Janmashtami at home. Here is how to make the Janmashtami celebrations happier at home during the lockdown –

Make a Krishna Jhoola

It is a popular ritual to make a small swing or jhoola and place Sri Krishna idol in the same. The swing can be decorated and then prayers and sweets can be offered. One can make the Krishna idol wear new clothes, decorate with garlands and offer sweets for Janmashtami. Everyone in the household can be involved in making the swing for the God, especially kids will take much pride in doing the same. It is an activity which everyone can do together. Once the jhoola is decorated and set up, Radha Krishna idol can be set up and prayers can be done.

Sweets for Janmashtami

It is known that Krishna as a child loved cream or malai. Thus, all milk-based sweets for Janmashtami are a hit. These can be made at home if one wishes to. Or you can buy sweets online and offer to the God for his birthday. Some of the popular sweets can be khoa sweets, ladoos, rasgulla and milk cake.

Idols as Gifts

One popular Janmashtami gift for family and friends can be Krishna Idol. The Krishna idol is most loved by all and adorns the houses of everyone. Anyone would love to add the blessings of Krishna to their household if you gift them the same. Order Idols online for home delivery anywhere in India as a Janmashtami gift. Krishna idols can be bought online in his infant format as Ladoo Gopal or in his adult form also. Based on your gift idea, you can choose the idol that you want to gift.

Music and Dance

It is well known that as a young adult Krishna used to play the flute and was always fond of music. Gopis or young village girls used to dance to the tunes of his melodies. Thus, music in the form of Krishan bhajans and dancing to their tunes if a good way to spend the day of Krishna Janmashtami.