How to celebrate Ecofriendly Holi in 2019

How to Celebrate Holi in an Eco-Friendly Way in 2019?

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With all the concerns relegated to climate change, global warming, and carbon footprints it’s not hard to inculcate an eco-friendly conscious. This concern for the environment is not just something that environmentalists are concerned about but also normal people like us have adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle. From jute and bamboo as an alternative to plastic and steel to a more natural and organic way of living, however, all these concerns seem to vanish away when festivities like Diwali and Holi roll on and are replaced with anti-environment and unnecessary traditions. Although there has been a considerable amount of environment-friendly changes in Diwali celebration, it doesn’t have to be limited to just that. Holi celebrations parallel Diwali in India and the occasion is commemorated with great pomp and celebrations. However, these festivities and tradition that mark the occasion are not exactly eco-friendly and if continued will ultimately harm the environment and humans. Just as the story behind the Holi celebrations dictate the victory of good over evil you can curb the harm to the environment by adopting these eco-friendly ways to celebrate Holi. So if you want to know how to celebrate holi in an eco-friendly way then feel free to check out these pointers to celebrate a green Holi. These eco-friendly and green Holi gift ideas allow you to participate in the festivities with the same zest and passion but not at the cost of harming the environment.

1.Natural Colors:

Natural Colors

Holi is also called the festival of colors as it celebrates the oncoming spring season with bright colors. On Holi, all the faces look the same in shades of pinks and blues and all the colors of the rainbow to promote unity and brotherhood. Therefore, colors are an important part of Holi celebrations that we cannot do without, yet some mischievous people supplement colors with grease, oil, mud and chemical colors, damaging the ecosystem. To curb such practices you can compensate them with natural colors which can be made at home using flowers and spices like turmeric. To save time and effort you can even buy Holi colors online and join in the festivities with the same fervor.

2.Use Less Amount of Water:

Use Less Amount of Water

Water may be a renewable resource but with the frequency, it is being consumed, the 1% of fresh water available, will not be enough to sustain us. Holi celebrations also consume a lot of amount of water from water balloons to buckets full of colors as well as the amount of water used to wash off those colors. The alternative then is to use less amount of water with pichkaris for kids that consume less water than water buckets and balloons. These pichkaris are an equally fun way to indulge in the fun but not at the cost of wasting water.

Also, water balloons are not a prudent choice if you want to save water, because along with the amount of water they waste and the rubber that clogs drain pipes and sewer they are not bio-degradable. Besides, along with the wastage of water, these water balloons when thrown with great force can hurt people. After all, what’s the fun in it if it’s at the expense of others? Therefore, water balloons are not a viable option when it comes to celebrating an eco-friendly Holi.

3.Exchange Sweets with Friends and Family:

Holi Sweets

Every celebration and festivities is incomplete without sweets, and so is Holi. To commemorate the happy occasion there are specialized sweets for Holi which are termed as ‘special Holi sweets’. To partake in the fun with friends and family you can exchange sweets like gujjiya, malpua, puran poli and laddus. These sweets are traditional Holi sweets and go well with all the festivities. If you are away from your loved ones then these you send these sweets online and participate in the celebrations. The best thing about this Holi tradition of exchanging sweets is that it’s the most eco-friendly tradition of all which doesn’t harm the environment in any way. To save your time and effort there are various sites that cater to sweet orders like gujiya online delivery.

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