Here is what you should you be doing on the first day of 2017

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2016 is coming to an end and the new year is upon us. I’m sure everyone has decided how to spend new years eve, but have you decided how to spend the first day of the new year. It is the first day of a brand new year, so how do you intend to start writing this first page of an empty notebook ? If you haven’t decided anything, then we have some good ones listed out for you.


  1. Resolve – Resolutions are synonymous with New years. Thus you can spend the first day of 2017 in resolving what you should be doing through this year. Make realistic resolutions and decide what is most important for the year to come. And try to stick to what you pledge.
  2. Long drive – Go for a long drive and celebrate the first day of 2017 in style. It is a long weekend and that’s the most important thing for travellers. Travel to a nearby getaway and enjoy quality time with people who matter. It could be a road trip or a cycle trek or a train ride to an unchartered destination, travelling is what’s most needed to kick start the year.
  3. Send Gifts – While you partied the new years eve away, now that it is the first day of the year, resolve to give or gift. Spend the day sending gifts to those you love. Send new year greetings in the form of cakes, flowers, hampers etc and make friends and family feel awesome. Make their new year better by sending new year gifts to them.
  4. Continue to celebrate – Why let the party stop at new years eve only? Extend it into the first day of the year as you start 2017. Have a ball of time by calling friends and family over and spending quality time together as you party the day away. After all, what else is a weekend for. It isn’t always that the new year starts on a weekend so make it count.
  5. Pray and Meditate – If praying and thanking the almighty is your thing then there is no better day but the first day of a new year to do that. Pray to the Lord and thank him for a great year. Wish for a fantastic year ahead. Meditate to calm yourself and stay connected with your inner self. Seek out the best in yourself with the blessing of God as you start the new year.

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