Happy Birthday Quotes for Anyone on their Birthday

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Birthdays are considered special not just because of the gifts and cakes which are the highlights of this day but also because of the special moments you cherish and create with the ones you love. While most people share the enthusiasm for all the jazz that surrounds birthday celebrations, others see it as one more reminder of the youth, going past them. Hence, these birthday quotes for friend are perfect no matter what your giftee thinks of his or her birthday as they come from the best literary masterpieces and influential people of all times making them the best wishes of all. Thus, ranging from insightful to humorous, these happy birthday quotes will strike the right chord for your loved one on their birthday which they won’t be able to forget easily.

    1. “With Mirth And Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come” – William Shakespeare
    1. “I Grabbed A Pile Of Dust And Holding It Up, Foolishly Asked For As Many Birthdays As The Grains Of Dust, I Forgot To Ask That They Be Years Of Youth” – Ovid
    1. “And I Rose In The Rainy Autumn And Walked Abroad In A Shower Of All My Days” – Dylan Thomas
    1. “There Is Still No Cure For The Common Birthday” – John Glenn
    1. ” I Was Brought Up To Respect My Elders, So Now I Don’t Have To Respect Anybody”- George Burns
    1. ” A Birth – Date Is A Reminder To Celebrate Life As Well As To Update The Life.” – Amit Kalantri
    1. ” I Don’t Mind Getting Older; It’s A Privilege Denied To So Many.” – Chris Geiger
    1. “The Cake Had A Trick Candle That Wouldn’t Go Out, So I Didn’t Get My Wish. Which was Just That it Would Always Be Like This, That My Life Could Be A Party Just For Me.” -janet Fitch
    1. “From Our Birthday, Until We Die, Is But The Winking Of An Eye ?” – William Butler Yeats
    1. “Old Age: A Great Sense Of Calm And Freedom. When The Passions Have Relaxed Their Hold, You May Have Escaped, Not From One Master But Many” – Plato
    1. “May You Live All The Days Of Your Life.” – Jonathan Swift
    1. “Age is A High Price To Pay For Maturity” – Tom Stoppard
    1. “You Are Only Young Once, But You Can Be Immature For A Life” – John P. Grier
    1. “The Secret To Staying Young Is To Live Honestly, Eat Slowly, And Lie About Your Age.” – Lucille Ball
    1. “Nice To Be Here ? At My Age, It’s Nice To Be Anywhere.” – George Burns
    1. “Age Is A Case Of Mind Over Matter. If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter.” – Mark Twain
    1. “The Great Thing About Getting Older Is You Don’t Lose All The Ages You’ve Been.” – Madeleine L’Engle
    1. “Every Age Can Be Enchanted Provided You Live With It” – Brigitte Bardot
    1. “How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Are ?” – Satchel Paige
    1. “You Grow Up The Day You Have The First Real Laugh At Yourself.”-Ethel Barrymore
    1. “You Know You Are Getting Old When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake.”- Bob Hope
    1. “We Grow Neither Better Nor Worse As We Get Old, But More Like Ourselves.” – Bernard Baruch
    1. “A Diplomat is a Man Who Always Remembers A Woman’s Birthday But Never Remembers Her Age.” – Robert Frost
    1. “All The World is Birthday Cake, So Take A Piece, But Not Too Much.” – George Harrison
    “All The World’s A Stage, and All Men And Women Merely Players. They Have Their Exits And Entrances, And One Man in his Time Plays Many Parts” – William Shakespeare

While some of these humorous birthday quotes remind us of the fickleness of life, others act as motivation to make one seize the day and make it special for your loved ones. All these birthdays’ quotes for best friends, sisters, brothers, dear ones are not just there to celebrate the lives of the special people but also leave an impact on you as well to cherish these special moments. Thus, not only can you recite these words of wisdom or write them but also have these inspirational birthday quotes customized on birthday cakes, personalized mugs and frames, and tees with the best online gifting sites.

Acting as constant reminders to make the most of every opportunity and cherish these special moments with the ones who are very dear to the heart, these happy birthday wishes quotes make one of the best birthday gifts online to send to India. Thus, whether your giftee is enthusiastic about birthdays or apprehends it, these ultimate quotes will persuade them to participate in the festivities with a zest for life that’s been missing all along.

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