Friendship Day Gifts – Your Hippie Friends Will Love to Get From You

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So away from the ways of the world, yet so close to you – that’s your hippie friend! It is time you shower some friendship day gifts on him / her to celebrate the bond, hippie style!

1.    A Dreamcatcher – Nothing like this ancient handmade object that your friend can hang in the room, on their bag, or attach it to their house keys to live the kind of dreams that they like best and ward off the others. Send friendship day gifts like these and they will treasure them for life!

2.    Hippie Adult Coloring Books – One of the best gifts for hippie friends who want to just enter into a trance like state of complex patterns and colors.

3.    Junk Jewelry Basket – Boys or girls, hippies usually wear beaded bracelets, stone neckpieces, different colored threads with metal charms etc. Pick up an assortment of these to make a basket. It will be one of those friendship day gifts that will really suit their personality and will come in useful on a daily basis too.

4.    A Hippie Style Bag – Send friendship day gifts such as these and your friends are sure to love you more. Hippies have a nomadic quality about them and there is nothing better than giving them a cool printed one-shoulder bag with an interesting pattern that they can carry everywhere with their things.

5.    Casual Slippers – The “take me anywhere” attitude of a hippie is what makes him/ her different from the others and open to new things all the time. No wonder, it makes for one of the best gifts for hippie friends.

6.    The Box – You know what we’re talking about! You give them an interesting metal or wooden box to store their rolling paper, filters, tobacco and other things, and they will be the ones to send friendship day gifts to you all year round, if you get the drift…

7.    Oversized Abstract Print Tee – Of course, the more puzzling and intriguing the pattern, the better it is. Pamper your friend with friendship day gifts like these that they wouldn’t want to remove for days together, quite literally in the case of some of them!

One might feel that finding gifts for hippie friends could be quite a task. However, if you look closely enough, you will see that there are loads of options for you to mix and match. And if you still can’t find anything, there’s always stuff that you can look up online and get inspiration from or sites that you can place orders to.