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Eco-Friendly Diwali Gifts: Celebrating the Festival of Lights Sustainably

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Diwali also known as the festival of lights is celebrated all across the world with a lot of zeal and jubilation. Our beautiful nation, India transcends into light with diyas and lamps all over. It is one of the chief festivals among Hindus, Jains and Sikhs and falls between the months of October and November. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over bad, and it continues for 5 days beginning with Dhanteras and ending on Bhai Dooj.

The festival of Diwali would be incomplete without exchanging of gifts and this is an exciting feature of this auspicious occasion. But picking up the appropriate gifts for your family and friends that bring smiles to their faces and at the same time are eco-friendly is a humongous task. Currently Indiagift has come up with an exceptional range of Diwali gifts, which are eco-friendly and will not disturb the planet as well.

In the present times, we have seen that these celebrations are concluded with a lot of pollution and wastage of food items, which of course is a reason for concern. Whether the children burn crackers that affect the quality of air and cause noise pollution or it is the waste of food items, it certainly affects human beings. Moreover, several gifts that are exchanged create clutter and are practically of no use. To make this festival more joyous and at the same time save the Mother Earth are mentioned below to celebrate Diwali in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Some of the available Diwali gifts online are:

Eco-friendly gift kits this Diwali

When you are planning eco-friendly Diwali gifts for your loved ones then unique gift kits this Diwali would be an ideal option. This kit has an eco-friendly range of items that makes existence simpler and includes a multi-use tote bag, a coconut bowl, candles in coconut shells, a cutlery set made of bamboo, a Neem wood comb, a notepad to enclose your pure thoughts, and a recycled pencil. All the things available in the eco-friendly kit are safe and healthy for you and your Mother Earth and will certainly have a positive impact.

Gift healthy food products

Diwali is an occasion when we all like to munch on different Diwali snacks and variety of sweets, but all these snacks are normally harmful, and take us on a guilt trip making us consume food that has several calories and is low in fiber. By sending Diwali gift hampers that are healthy, you can save your friends from feeling guilty and help them consume healthy snacks and sweets. From a variety of cookies, diet chivda, and khakhra with a variety of dips and chutneys, such gifts will cater to all the needs of savory and sweet tooth preferences.

Gift your friends these delicious treats without them worrying about their health and any post-festival gyming classes. Food is one thing that helps celebrate festive occasions with your near and dear ones. Rather than buying sweets from regular shops that are normally made of harmful ingredients, attempt making items at home or gift items that are organic.

Saying no to noxious fireworks

Saying no to firecrackers, which burst on Diwali day and result in harmful air for all of us would be a wonderful contribution towards the planet. So, we should make a tough decision and convince our children not to burst crackers. Besides this, we should light the house with either earthen diyas or candles.

Make handmade cards and use recyclable wrapping sheets

Teach your children how to be creative this Diwali by making a handmade card with a personal message along with a card. Wrapping the corporate Diwali gifts with fabric or paper that can be reused will be a great idea. This fabric and cloth can be reused and this will not affect the environment either.

Designer Planters

Everyone upgrades their decor during the Diwali time, whether it is their home or office space. Planters, which can give place to indoor plants are the latest trend and are an amazing gift for your near and dear ones. Indiagift has come up with planters made from used bottles, and broken wood with a rustic appeal and can be dropped from the windows of the restaurants and offices to add aesthetic value to your indoor space. The planters are also available with the name plates and it will help you come up with a creative entrance to welcome your loved ones.

Decoration this Diwali

Decorate your abode with paper decor like lanterns to make it look attractive. You can also decorate your home with flowers and plants to make it look more eye-catching and pleasing. Simple conventional diyas look very elegant and they will allow you to celebrate this festival of lights sustainably. The majority of the commercially created diyas and candles make use of paraffin or animal fats. These are extremely detrimental to the environment and will immensely pollute the air. So, do all the Diwali decorations with eco-friendly Diwali gifts.

Decorative coasters and trivets

If you are totally confused about gifting this Diwali, then coasters and trivets are an amazing option. Send these as Diwali gifts to India to your friends and family. These stylish yet long-lasting items are created from used tetra packs and domesticated wood. These are an ideal gift this Diwali. Stylish coasters and trivets will help you present food and will make your dining table look attractive during Diwali parties.

To sum up we can say that this Diwali, light up your hearts with solar-powered decorative lights and add beauty to your festivities. Gift these eco-friendly Diwali gifts to your near and dear ones and motivate them to do the same. Reflect on your commitment to a more sustainable future and make the Diwali celebrations truly special for everyone.

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