Do or dont on Karwa Chauth

Do and Don’ts in Karwa Chauth Fast

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Karwa Chauth is a festival in which married women observe a fast without eating or drinking anything for a whole day, until the moon appears in the sky. In return, their husbands pamper them with Karwa Chauth gifts. Wives can also buy Karwa Chauth gifts for husband, and married women can also buy Karwa Chauth gifts for mother-in-law.


1) DO eat sargi The sargi is customarily given by a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law and is eaten by married women prior to sunrise, before the fast begins. The Karwa Chauth Sargi Thali as prepared by the mother-in-law includes dry fruits, fresh fruits, sweets and healthy food. Since it is the only food you will have in the entire day, it is essential not to miss sargi. As Karwa Chauth gifts, the sargi thali can also include jewellery and saree.

In return for the sargi, the daughter-in-law gives a token Karwa Chauth gift for mother-in-law, which is called a pohi baya. It can include dry fruits and nuts, jewellery, apparel, cosmetics, and so on.

2) DO drink as much water as you can before the fast begins. You can also have fruit juices. The point is to keep yourself hydrated, because dehydration can increase chances of dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

3) DO plan in advance. The preparation for the Karwa Chauth fast actually begins a couple of days prior to the auspicious day. Shop for your makeup and cosmetics (shringar), get henna (mehendi) done in advance so that there is time for the colour to darken on your hands and feet. The Karwa Chauth pooja thali consisting of a decorative platter, a kalash or lota, and a channi or chalni is typically a Karwa Chauth gift for wife that the husband gives.

4) DO wear the signs of marriage. We are talking about henna on your hands and feet, the shringar that you bought, a mangalsutra or other sign of marriage like a wedding ring, bangles, and of course, sindoor. Your husband will typically present new clothes and jewellery as Karwa Chauth gifts for wife.

5) DO distract yourself- The fast lasts from sunrise till the time the full moon appears in the sky. And during this long day, you cannot eat or drink anything. You will most certainly feel hungry and thirsty, so it’s better to distract yourself. Listen to music, watch a film, or simply read the Karwa Chauth katha along with other women from your family or community. You can also focus your energies on making handmade Karwa Chauth gifts for your mother-in-law. As a daughter-in-law, you can gift a Karwa Chauth sargi thali for your mother-in-law. You can also gift her flowers, or idols of gods and goddesses, jewellery, personal care essentials, and so on.


1) DO NOT drink tea or coffee as these may cause acidity. Stick to water, fruit juices, and energy drinks at the most.

2) DO NOT engage in strenuous activities. You won’t have any food or water in your body for an entire day, and you have to avoid feeling dizzy or light-hearted.

3) DO NOT involve the colour white in any Karwa Chauth gifts. Anything that resembles the moon should not be given as Karwa Chauth gifts for husband. Avoid giving milk, curd, rice or white-coloured gifts to anyone. Also avoid wearing the colour white or black as these are considered inauspicious colours during any Hindu pooja.

4) DO NOT use scissors, needles, or knives in preparations for the pooja. These are considered inauspicious. In any case, many cultures believe that using sharp objects in any sacred occasion indicates a severing of ties, so you should never buy sharp objects as Karwa Chauth gifts.

5) DO NOT gulp down the water and the food as soon as the pooja is over. Since you have been fasting the whole day, too much food or water in one go can make you ill. Take things slowly.

Most importantly, enjoy the day with your better half. Exchange Karwa Chauth gifts for wife and Karwa Chauth gifts for husband with online gifting that gives you plenty of gift options to choose from.

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