Types of Flowers to Use for Different Occasions

Types of Flowers to Use for Different Occasions

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When gifting flowers many people are not comfortable, with making the right selection. You find different types of flowers in the market. These are considered as best gift for any occasion. They carry a lot of message and emotions along with them. In this article we have offered you with information for selecting right flower for any occasion.

Types of Flowers for Wedding Anniversary Occasion : –

Wedding – When selecting online flowers for this big day, the selection has to be made depending on the season. Seasonal flowers are always best to be gifted for any wedding. This time also represents joy and happiness so it is ideal to select seasonal flowers as they will bloom throughout the day. You can select from different colors like red, white, pink, purple, etc.

Anniversary – If you prefer favorites then you can gift them. Your selection can be from other options available. Most people prefer gifting daisy or roses during anniversaries. Both symbolize love and care so they make an ideal combination as well. You need to avoid gifting Yellow carnations during anniversaries as these flowers represent disappointment.

Dating – Wrong conception – Roses are the best options! Wise conception – Roses should be ideal for gifting on your 101st Date. Avoid selecting red rose when going out on your first date. Try and select one that is not so intimidating, but reflects affection and care. Baby breath, dandelions, Tulips, Orchids and Hydrangea are best to be gifted for your first date.

√ Funeral – You can make a selection for flower stand. Ideally people prefer gifting roses, lilies and Chrysanthemum that are of green, white (preferred), or blue in color. As this time represents sober moments so it is not advisable to select bright colors.

√ Friendship day – If you have a good friend, so you must already be aware of her likes. If you are adventurous then you can simply select dry flower for your friend. You can make selection on the basis of likes. You can select exotic types including sweet William, Hydrangeas, rose or baby breath. Yellow flowers may be ideal as this color represents love and friendship.

√ Birthday – If you want to gift flowers for birthday try and select one bouquet that has mix of different types of flowers like cotton, baby breath, hydrangea and sweet William. Colorful bouquet will make an ideal gift for this occasion.

√ Graduation – For graduation day you can try and gift gerberas and sun flower. Selecting orchids can also work out its magic for the occasion. You can also top it up with extra decoration with other bright colored flowers.

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When selecting flowers you have to keep in mind that first preference should be selecting one depending on the likes. You can select flower stand or bouquet. This will add a lot of plush factor to the occasion.


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