Celebrate Green Diwali with These Five Green Gifts Ideas

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Diwali is associated with Diwali gifts, sweets, bursting crackers and boundless joy. However, with the level of pollution increasing in the country, it is advised to celebrate this Diwali as eco-friendly and Green Diwali. There are many ways in which we can contribute in saving the environment this festive season by celebrating the festival in environment-friendly manner and by using natural objects as gifts for Diwali. 

Here is a list of some green gift ideas which you can utilize this season to contribute your share on making this Diwali a green Diwali.

•Eco-friendly candles: The natural and eco-friendly candles serve as a great Green gifts idea for Diwali this season. These candles are easily available in online stores. In fact, some such stores also promote the use of candles and candle moulds which are made out of recycled articles and solid wastes. In addition to saving the environment, you can also help the poor people who creates these candle moulds by buying their products.

•Environment friendly crackers: Another gift item that can be offered this season is the eco-friendly crackers. Rather than bursting chemically prepared fire crackers, let’s buy the eco-friendly ones and offer them as Diwali gift to our near and dear ones who love bursting them. These eco- friendly crackers are prepared by recycled paper and they make sound which is under the decibel limit defined by the Pollution Board. In fact, these crackers produce lights of different colours and paper fluff sounds which makes low noise too.

•Traditional diyas: the traditional earthen diyas which are these days available in different unique style and variety can also be presented as gift for Diwali. Many of these natural diyas are made of sandstones that doesn’t harm the environment.

•Herbal Products: Another beautiful hamper that you can  send gifts to India online  this Diwali is a hamper of herbal and natural products. These herbal items can include beautifying herbal products like lotions and creams, hair products, exotic herbal soaps, herbal spices and so on. This is definitely an interesting Green gift idea for Diwali this season.

•Eco-friendly decorations and packaging: This Diwali you can gift eco-friendly decorative items like fresh flowers and foliage. You can even use them to decorate your own house rather than buying decorations that can be a hazard to the environment. Offer beautiful clay pots and naturally made floating candles to your loved ones. They will surely love such Diwali gifts.

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