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The tradition of cutting cakes to celebrate originated in Ancient Greece, where they were a part of wedding celebrations. Today, a cake can be afforded not only by the rich, but also by the middle class, and are not limited to birthdays and weddings any more. With technology, it is also possible to order delicious cakes online and arrange for home delivery. Cakes have become an important part of any celebration in all countries of the world, regardless of socio-religious practices or culture.

We now have cakes for a baby’s naming ceremony, for birthdays, for engagements and weddings, for wedding anniversaries, cakes for festivals – Christmas, New Year, and right until Easter. In short, if you can think of an occasion, you can have a delicious, fresh cake for it. And you do not need to take time out of your busy schedule and take a trip to the confectioner to choose a cake – its shape, its size, the flavour, the icing, the decorations, the number of  tiers, and precise instructions for what the lettering should say.

Now, there are online gifting sites that help you send delicious cakes online. Delicate and perishable as they are, delivery to any part of India is bound to be difficult, but rest assured, each online cake delivery service has centres in strategic parts of the country. Fresh cakes are delivered with as much care and as little damage to the decorations as possible, and at as short notice as 4 to 5 hours of placing an order.

Cakes are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and flavours and cake delivery in India is now a reality.

1) Birthday cakes range from simple cupcakes with delicious icing, to sober ones for adult men and women, grand ones specifically meant for those turning 16 or 18 or 21, and special ones for children, customized to represent a favourite cartoon character. Apart from the lettering, cakes can be personalized by imprinting a special photo right on the icing of the cake.

2) Engagements and anniversaries can be celebrated with perfect heart-shaped delicious cakes with edible flowers, pearls, and other decorations like silver and gold lettering for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries respectively.

3) Elaborate, multi-tiered cakes are perfect for a wedding, be they baked in classic designs or special ones that are a challenge even to the most experienced confectioner. Made with a lot of hard work, dedication, and care, these cakes turn out to be the rarest and finest pieces of the art of baking.

And of course, there are times when you celebrate for no particular ceremony. For those moments, too, you can send cakes online from one part of India (or even from one part of the world) to your loved ones. There are cakes flavoured with essence and topped with icing, cherries and nuts and pineapple slices;rich fruit cakes; madeira cakes; chocolate cakes made with the finest Belgian chocolate; and of course, the classic Black Forest cakes. Vegetarians and vegans need not miss out on the joys of enjoying a delicious cake sent online through a gifting delivery service in India. Eggless cakes are equally tasty, with vinegar and vegetable/coconut/sunflower oil used in place of eggs.

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