Happy Birthday Cake For Boys

Birthday Cakes For Boys

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Gone are the days when birthday cake ideas were limited to “chocolate, vanilla and pineapple”. Even the days of “choco truffle” and “black forest” are numbered. There are hundreds of flavours ready to be delivered with hundreds of extra toppings. Nowadays birthday cake ideas for boys include coconut, loads of caramel, peaches, lime, raspberry, pistachio etc. as ingredients in cakes. There are websites which are selling birthday cake and flowers online along with the promise of same day birthday gift delivery.

Discussion of all the cakes is not possible; therefore, we will discuss the varieties of cakes through broad categories.

Chocolate – If you think that dark chocolate and plain chocolate along with a few chocolate based cakes are the only varieties available in this category then you are very wrong. If you look at some popular cake sites which offer birthday cakes and flowers online, you will get the option of deciding all layers of a cake. This makes them all the more variable and unique as not many people take the same combination of cakes.

•    Chocolate can be teamed up with butter cream icing along with lots of fruit fillings. This not only makes the cake look fantastic but also enhances its taste as there will be so many flavours in a single cake.

•    A variety of nuts can also be added to make the cake unique and you can also vary between dark chocolate and white chocolate. One of the best birthday cake ideas for boys would be to combine fine layers of dark and white chocolate with a tinge of nuts, caramel and 3-4 slices of fruits.

The two aforementioned points are just to give you an idea how you can add spark to your best friend’s birthday by getting him/her a unique chocolate cake and with the option of same day birthday cakes delivery, you can never be sorry for not getting your friend or family member a gift.

Vanilla –  Which one is better vanilla or chocolate? This debate can go on for a lifetime and no one will end up as a winner or loser. Both have their unique qualities, combinations and taste when it comes to cakes. It depends on person to person as some prefer vanilla and some prefer chocolate.

•    There is no way you can combine pineapple and strawberry in abundance with a chocolate cake but in vanilla you can.

•    When you are ordering birthday cakes and flowers online, you need to make sure that they complement each other. You can team a vanilla based cake with orchid flowers or if you are thinking of adding some strawberry to the cake, you can flowers and cake online along with them.

A complete birthday package would be an amazing and unique cake mingled with an exciting gift which can be availed online with the option of same day birthday gift delivery.

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