Best Rakhi sweets options to send to India

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One of the most beautiful aspects of Indian festivals is the delicious food, especially the mouthwatering sweets. For brothers and sisters alike, Rakhi means not only exchanging vows, but also exchanging something sweet during the ritual, to be fed by hand. Sweets also form a part of the feast on the dining table.

Even if physical distance separates you, there’s no reason why your brother, or your sister, shouldn’t receive Rakhi gifts and Rakhi sweets. In today’s tech-savvy world, online gifting has got your back- wherever you are, you can send Rakhi sweets to your brother to double his joy; or send Rakhi sweets to your sister to enjoy as she marvels at the Rakhi gift you gave her. We list some of the most popular sweets options you can send for Rakhi.

1) Barfis and Rolls- Sweets made of khoa tend to have a long shelf-life, and are popular choices. The most common is the kajubarfi (or kajukatli). Barfis are made with khoa and sugar- mawabarfi is not flavoured, but there are other barfis like the kaju one (flavour of cashew nut), the pistabarfi (pistachio flavour) or coconut barfi. They are often covered in edible silver or gold foil, and tend to be square or diamond-shaped. Kaju rolls and pista rolls are the same thing, except that they are shaped like a wrap.

2) Laddoos- A very popular sweet made with ghee, laddoos can be of besan or motichoor. Round and tasty, they suit everybody’s taste buds.

3) Rasgullas and GulabJamuns- If you thought syrupy sweets couldn’t be sent as Rakhi gifts, think again. Cans of soft rasgulla and gulabjamuns can be sent to your brother or to your sister, and yes, they would be as fresh and as tasty as if just brought from the local sweet shop.

4) Chocolates and cakes- Don’t hesitate to go a bit Western when it comes to Rakhi sweets. In this age, everybody is a global citizen, and it’s a perfectly sound idea to send a hamper of chocolates (Indian or imported) to your sister. You can also send rakhi with chocolates to your brother– after all, who doesn’t enjoy some rich dark chocolate when their mood is low? Also consider cakes of any size or flavour, delivered fresh at your brother/sister’s doorstep within a few hours of placing an online order.

5) Fruits- Today, as more and more people make healthy choices, don’t hesitate to send your sister some fresh fruits rich in vitamins. They contain antioxidants, and the fructose makes them sweet. As a sister, you can send your brother some wholesome Rakhi gift of dry fruits like nuts and raisins, all of which contain nutrients. Nothing is sweeter than good health.

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