Best Diwali Gift Ideas to Celebrate Diwali 2022

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Diwali is a festival of lights and crackers and a much-awaited occasion for friends and family members to meet and spend quality time with each other. Diwali is incomplete without exchanging gifts. Friends and family members pamper each other with Diwali Gifts. Employers also give gifts to their employees on the occasion of Diwali.

You can now get all types of Diwali Gifts Online. There are huge collections of attractive Diwali gifts in online gift stores. All you need to do is Order Diwali Gifts Online without stepping out of your home. You get access to any and every kind of Diwali gift in a good online gift store.

With Diwali 2022 around the corner, it is the right time to decide on the gifts you want to present to your family members, friends, or employees. Some of the popular Diwali Gifts Ideas that can be easily purchased online have been discussed here. 


Idols of Ganesh and Laxmi are not only traditional Diwali Gifts but are very auspicious as per Hindu religious traditions. The idols are usually accompanied by diyas and incense sticks. Laxmi and Ganesh idols are available both individually and in sets consisting of both idols.

diwali idols

For example, a set of golden-colored Laxmi and Ganesh idols accompanied by 2 LED diyas. Another example is a set of Laxmi and Ganesh idols accompanied by a box of ghee, diyas, and a box of incense cones called dhoop. 


Sweet hampers are among the most popular Diwali Gifts Ideas because having sweets is integral to Diwali celebrations. There is no dearth of various sweet hampers available in online gift stores. Thus, the sweet hamper is a good option to Order Diwali Gifts Online.

diwali sweets

For example, a hamper consisting of kaju katli of 1 kg or more along with two or more earthen diyas. Another example is a hamper containing a box of doda barfi and an idol of laughing Buddha for bringing good luck. 


Sweet is a traditional gift for Diwali. You can choose to celebrate Diwali 2022 by choosing chocolates instead of conventional sweets. Chocolate Diwali Gifts Online feature a plethora of hampers containing one or multiple types of chocolates. Apart from boxes of chocolates, sets of chocolates arranged in the style of bouquets are also available in online gift stores.

diwali chocolates

For example, 2-tier chocolate bouquet consisting of dairy milk, kit kat, and 5-star chocolates arranged in two tiers. Another example is a festive combo consisting of a box of 16 or 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates paired with 1-2 kg almonds and two earthen diyas. 

Silver or Gold Coins 

Silver and Gold Coins are highly suitable Diwali Gifts because they are considered harbingers of wealth, prosperity, and good luck. The gold and silver are embossed with the images of deities of the Hindu pantheon. There is no need to visit any physical shop because gold and silver coins are available as Diwali Gifts Online in online gift stores.

silver coin for diwali

For example, a silver coin embossed with Laxmi and Ganesh’s images nestled in velvet a lined box. 

Dry Fruit Hamper 

Dry fruit hampers are among the popular Diwali Gifts Ideas, especially for health-conscious people. These are not perishable like Indian sweets and are also very healthy. Hampers or dry fruits are vacuum packed and nitrogen that are flushed to preserve their freshness. There are many types of dry fruit hampers if you want to Order Diwali Gifts Online.

Dry Nuts Diwali Box hamper

For example, 3 in 1 hamper consisting of 100 gm each of cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins packed in small pouches. Another example is a hamper consisting of pistachios paired with a mug and a Diwali greeting card. 

Lamps and Lanterns 

Lamps and Lanterns are also good Diwali Gifts because they illuminate the surroundings and enhance the room’s decor. There are many creative types of aesthetically appealing lamps and lanterns in online gift stores which double up as showpieces.

Glowing Mahalakshmi Lamp

For example, a hanging cylinder lamp which lights up on connection with an electric source via its plug. Photos of the person can personalise it. One more example is bottle shaped LED lamp. 

Pooja Thali 

Pooja thali is one of the most suitable Diwali Gifts Ideas, especially for traditional people. The pooja thali can be put to use on Diwali night for Laxmi pooja and daily pooja rituals. Diwali Gifts Online prominently features various kinds of eye-catching pooja thalis.

Diwali Pooja thali

For example, silver plated pooja thali complete with bell, incense stick holder, diya burner, kumkum katori, panchamrit set, and spoon. Another example is a pooja thali paired with photos of Laxmi, Saraswati, Ganesh, roli, incense sticks, an incense stick holder, and an aarti book. 

Diya Sets 

Diyas form an integral part of Diwali decoration, and no traditional Hindu home can be without diyas on Diwali. Thus, diyas are perfect Diwali Gifts. Online gift stores have various diya sets of all kinds of colours, designs, and shapes.

Diya sets for Diwali

For example, a set of 4 diyas shaped like matkas filled with wax and colourfully decorated.


Whether you want to gift traditional or modern or expensive or budget-friendly items to friends and family members on Diwali 2022, a good online gift store would cater to your needs.


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