Amazing 7 Holi Celebration Ideas at Home

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Holi is a festival of colours and loved by every person to spend time with their family and play with colours. It is the festival of spreading love, trust and brotherhood and also strengthens the bond of friendship. If you are going to play host this Holi then you do not need to take any stress because all you need to do is little planning and here are some amazing 7 Holi celebration ideas at home that help to make your Holi fantastic.

1.Get creative with drinks:

Get creative with drinks

While the traditional drink on the Holi is known as Thandai but this time you can opt for some other drinks like Jaljeera and Kesar milk. If you also want to make some experiment then it is beneficial for you to get creative with the mocktail made with the beetroot, oranges and kiwis to add some spice in the party. It is one of the most amazing and creative 7 Holi celebration ideas at home without making any extra effort.

2.Holi food ideas:

Holi food ideas

After the Holi celebration, food is essential to get some energy and if you do not want to go with the old food menu then it is essential for you to be innovative this time and you can add some colourful idlies, beetroot rice, gujiya, as well as some street food that fulfil different needs of your loved ones that come in the party. If you do not want to take any stress while making these foods then it is beneficial for you to get the help of some reputed online food store that assures to provide you Gujiya online delivery at your home in right time and at affordable prices.

3.Hire a photographer:

Hire a photographer

With lots of colour, water and madness, people might be a worry to get their mobiles and smartphones out of their pockets to take pictures. So, it is beneficial for you to hire a photographer to do this work so that you can never forget this Holi for your entire life.

4.Holi party games:

Holi party games

One of the creative 7 holi celebration ideas at home is plan to play some engaging games with your guest and family members that help you to get more fun during the celebration. You can choose some simple but interesting one minute games to get maximum fun and enjoyment during the celebration. It is also beneficial for you to get some Holi Special Gift for your guest and family members to make them feel special and happy.

5.Plan a theme party:

Plan a theme party

To get more fun in your Holi celebration, you can also keep a theme for your party and make sure to notify your guests so that they will come according to the theme of the party.

6.Choose organic colours:

Choose organic colours

If you do not want to get any harm and damage for your skin and hair then it is beneficial for you to arrange an eco friendly Holi and make sure to bring organic Holi for your party. Whenever you are planning to buy Holi colours and Pichkari for kids then you can choose to buy Holi colours online that give you more comfort and convenience.

7.Add live music:

Add live music

Your Holi celebration is incomplete without music so you can also get some live singers to the party that definitely give you more fun and make your guest happier and enjoy the celebration in an effective manner.

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