8 Lesser Known Facts about Ramayana

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We have all seen the epic Ramayana many times since our childhood. Be it a documentary, a serial or an animated movie, most of us have seen it all. It is one perfect example set up in front of us when the truth and the honesty win the battle against arrogance and pride, no matter how strong the other side was. Well, it is well known by most of us that Diwali is celebrated on the day of the arrival of Lord Ram to his home after spending 14 years of Vanvas with his wife Sita and his beloved brother Laxman and so Diwali is a major festival in India and everybody celebrates it with joy and full enthusiasm. Even though you are watching and reading Ramayana, there are many things that you don’t know about this great and epic story. The span of 14 years is a huge time and thus many things come out which are lesser known by average people. Would it be very interesting to know about them right? In this article, you are going to know 8 Lesser Known Facts about Ramayana. Let’s check out the article and know these facts.

1.    Lord Rama was considered as Maryada Purushottam :

Why is Lord Shri Ram called Maryada Purushottam? - TemplePurohit - Your  Spiritual Destination | Bhakti, Shraddha Aur Ashirwad
He Ramayana he was considered as an Idea man but in Ram Charit Manas he was considered as an ideal god by Tulsidas. He was depicted and portrayed as an ideal human being to follow and worship.

2.    The reason for Ravana having 10 heads:

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Ravana was an intense and a great devotee of lord shiva and he used to worship him and trying to please him to grant a wish (vardaan) from lord shiva and for this, he sacrificed his head ten times to him and when lord shiva got pleased, he returned him all those 10 heads.

3.    Laxman lived without sleeping for the whole span of 14 years:

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To protect and provide a safeguard to Lord Rama and Sita, the beloved brother of lord Rama, lord Laxman sacrificed his sleep to which his wife Urmila continued sleeping for 14 years to compensate the sleep of her husband lord Laxman.

4.    Why lord Hanuman is referred as Bajrang Bali:

जानें ब्रह्मचारी हनुमान को चमेली के तेल में क्यों चढ़ाया जाता है सिंदूर,  इससे मिलती है अपार सफलता – dailyindia
To protect Lord Rama and Sita he covered himself entirely with red (orange) sindoor. This is the reason behind his being referred as Bajrang Bali.

5.    The truth about Sita’s Swayamvar:

Devi Sita broke the shiva dhanush in childhood and therefore her father put the condition for the man to break the shiva dhanush to win the heart of goddess Sita in the Swayamvar which lord Rama did.

6.    Lord Laxman was a devotee of Sheshnag:

Sheshnag - Lakshman and Balrama as Avatars of Sheshnag
While lord Rama was a true devotee of lord Vishnu, his brother lord Laxman was a true devotee of Sheshnag (the snake/serpent with lord Vishnu).

7.    Sita is considered to be an incarnation of Devi Laxmi:

While lord Rama is considered to be the seventh incarnation of lord Vishnu (dashavtar), goddess Sita is considered to be the incarnation of goddess Laxmi who is the wife of lord Vishnu. Sita is also considered to be the daughter of the earth.

8.    Vali has defeated Ravana himself once:

Once in a war called by Ravana, vali defeated Ravana because of a boon that he had which was that he would get half the power of his opponent, which is why he won a battle against Ravana.

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