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7 Perfect Gifts for a Newborn Baby

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Sending Gifts to India for newborns is a rather hard thing to do, because most gifts you can think of for that bundle of joy are not likely to be remembered by the baby itself. And yet, you must celebrate, because from the moment the stork drops that tiny human in your lap, your entire life becomes like a planet around that little Sun. Be careful, though, that you don’t gift flowers (the newborn can be affected by pollen) or too furry soft toys that induce a bout of sneezing.
Here are some perfect gift ideas for newborn babies.

1)    Fresh Fruits- Health and proper nourishment is one of the best gifts you can give a new born baby. Remember that the mother is going to be the newborn baby’s primary caregiver, responsible for its nutrition and health. A basket of fresh fruits is a great gift, because if the mother is healthy, so will the baby be. Although fruits are perishable items, they can be ordered online, and delivered fresh by online gifting websites.

2)    Sweets- For every happy occasion, sweets are a must in Indian tradition. A newborn baby is a gift in itself; its arrival is a festival. For a newborn baby in India, no gift will be more popular than sweets distributed all around.

3)    Chocolates- It is said that eating dark chocolate is healthy when eaten in optimum quantities.  Once a baby is born, a mother can expect the tiredness, the sleeplessness, the changing hormones in her body, and, in the worst case, the onset of post-partum depression. The best gift for a delicate newborn is a mother’s love and care, and a happy mother means a happy baby. Chocolates stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin, which are the “happy hormones”.

4)    Cakes- Cakes are perishable, but online gifting services are capable of delivering fresh cakes within four to five hours of placing an order, given that they have delivery points across India. When the doctors allow it, celebrate the baby’s arrival with a fresh cake.

5)    Cards- Every gifting website has a stock of perfect cards for new born babies. Unfortunately, many companies create cards according to stereotypes. There are blue cards for newborn boys and pink ones for newborn girls. Society, especially in India, often believes that babies of one sex are superior to babies of another sex. Step outside stereotypes and just be grateful that you have a healthy baby. Choose a gender-neutral card to welcome your baby to the world. And preserve it so that the child may see it when it has grown up.

6)    Soft Toys- People love soft toys, no matter what their age. A popular gift for a baby would be a teddy bear- and it and be of any size. One of the best gifts for a baby would be a cuddly little teddy, a ball, or Send soft toys in india depicting popular and immortal cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse.

7)    Personalized Items- As always, the perfect gift is a personalized item. Take a picture of your newborn and preserve it forever by printing it on a tile, mouse pad, a pillow, a cushion cover, on a mug, or simply a photo frame with a special message. Years later, you’ll be able to see the glow on your child’s face as they see their first few hours of life in the world preserved carefully.

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