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7 Mind Numbing Facts About Valentines Day Gifts

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14th February- the day of love. Dig deeper, and you’ll find some astonishing facts about Valentine’s Day you probably never knew.

1. The rose is always associated with romantic love- being the favorite flower of Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) or Venus (the Roman equivalent). The demand for red roses is extremely high within 3 days of Valentine’s Day, and prices match the demand with many florists. Ordering with online florists and gifting websites is usually better, with delivery of fresh flowers. Offline, florists quickly run out of stock.

2. Chocolates, which are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, have existed since the time of the Aztecs, for whom chocolate drinks were the “food of God” and believed to be an aphrodisiac. But a heart-shaped box of chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift idea started with Richard Cadbury. In the late 1860s, Cadbury gifted his beloved some chocolates in a heart-shaped box. So go ahead and order online to ensure Valentine’s Day gift delivery to your beloved.

3. Valentine’s Day greeting cards, the oldest surviving one is from the early 1400s, when the imprisoned Duke of Orleans sent a poem to his wife. Since Valentine’s Day was originally linked with all kinds of love, Valentines can be sent to anyone- with teachers, children, and mothers featuring before wives and sweethearts.

4. Think of your pets when you think of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of love- and not merely romantic love. Check that you know what Valentine’s gift online will be safe for their pets. You can buy and ensure delivery of Valentine’s Day gifts to your pets. Pets as Valentines receive Valentine’s Day gifts worth more than 700 million dollars in the US, as of January 2015.

5. Valentine’s Day gifts are always welcome surprises for ladies, even if a woman says she finds V-Day celebrations unnecessary. It’s rather incredible, but more than 80% of women feel disappointed without a Valentine’s Day gift. Men, on the other hand, spend twice as much as women in buying gifts on an average, but would rather send gifts than receive any.

6. Valentine’s Day is Singles Awareness Day. Many single women choose to go online shopping, and flowers and gifts are bought online. Delivery of Valentine’s Day gifts are to mothers, daughters, similarly single female friends, or to themselves.

7. Valentine’s Day is also an Awareness Day for ending violence against women and girls. Way back in 1400, 30 women established the “High Court of Love” in Paris, and held the first known official celebration of the day by dealing with violence against women, among other causes. In today’s world, global movements to end gender-specific violence, transformational communities for women survivors of such violence, humanitarian and feminist groups exist.

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