10 Things You Never Know About Chocolates!!

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  1. There are few treats which would bring about the same reaction as a box of assorted chocolates. Such is the love for chocolates in the world that it even surpasses the long lasting and intense reactions of hearts and minds at gestures of passion. Do you want to know more about such lesser known facts about chocolate? Read on.
  2. Chocolate was so dearly loved by the Aztecs that they used it as currency! And the ancient Central and South America followed suit. However, there isn’t much known about the rate of inflation!
  3. White chocolate is not as much chocolate as it is cocoa butter and condensed milk.
  4. Did you know an extract of cocoa can be much more effective than fluoride to keep the teeth healthy? Next time anyone catches you licking your lips, you know what to tell them!
  5. The original hot chocolate was a bitter concoction that was offered as hot chocolate during happy occasions in ancient Mexican and Aztec culture. The Olmecs and the Mayans revered it as a ceremonial drink and an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years.
  6. It took hundreds of years before the Europeans began to like chocolate. That is why it should come as a surprise that of the twenty countries in the world that consume the most chocolate, eighty percent of them is in northern Europe.
  7. In 1828, a Dutch company called Van Houten invented the screw press. This machine powdered cocoa beans refined enough that the powder would dissolve into a smooth mixture and thus make hot chocolate drinkable.
  8. It was the British company, Fry & Sons, who came up with solid chocolate for the very first time in the 1847. This was achieved by merging cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor. They are the ones who made eating solid chocolate possible!
  9. American chocolate syrup Bosco also makes a great substitute for blood in black-and-white films. And Alfred Hitchcock’s makeup artist- Jack Barron was the person who made this amazing discovery of chocolate syrup being more convincing than the standard stage blood used by Hollywood! That explains the USP of the ‘Psycho’ shower scene.
  10. Chocolate can also kill you if you eat a lot of it in one sitting. Around forty kilograms of milk chocolate or six kilograms of dark, depending on your body weight, can be fatal for you. Well, in that sense forty kilograms of anything can be fatal! Actually, chocolate contains high levels of theobromine- a stimulant of the central nervous system, which can be lethal for Fido. Excess of theobromine can cause seizures, heart failure and acute kidney damage.