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It’s Holi! Why do We Love the Festival of Colors?

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It is that time of the year again and we are all getting ready with our messiest clothes out of the cupboards already! The nature is all set to bid farewell to the harsh cold weather and renew its coats of fresh greenery and beautiful blooms all around! Families and households are buzzing with the spring energy and preparing for the festival of colours that ushers in the vigor of spring and says goodbye to long nights and shorter days. Holi is here and the country is all set to fall in love with multitude hues of colours all over again!

There is no particular answer to the question, “Why Holi is so widely loved?” It could be the infectious joy and happiness in the air or the aroma of sweets and thandai being served to everyone- but either ways, you know you look forward to this one day every year! After all, there is something exciting about forgetting every stress and just enjoying the moment with a bunch of people and colours. Exchanging gifts with close ones and throwing coloured powder and water on strangers amidst the familiar shouts of “Bura Na Maano, Holi Hai”, grooving to hip tunes and savoring sweets, snacks and drinks is not exactly the routine for every other day of the year, is it? But beyond the fun and frolic that Holi brings with it, there is a deep significance of this festival in our lives. This is the day for new beginnings and strengthening old bonds. Colours are an integral part of our lives and define our world as we see it. And Holi is incomplete without these colours which spread joy around us. We may paint our world as we like just like Krishna tried to colour Radha’s face according to his wish in the legends associated with the festival. Moreover, there cannot be a better day to forget past differences and begin afresh with friends and foes alike! For those who are already surrounded by their loved ones, this is a holiday which allows you to let go of every tension and simply enjoy family gatherings with open hearts.

The reasons behind why the festival of colours is loved so much are as varied as the people you come across on this day! However, one thing is for sure- this day is almost never boring. And the promise of something thrilling is as good a reason as any to love this festival!

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