Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Top 7 Romantic Birthday Surprise Ideas for Girlfriend

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Not many occasions can par with birthday celebrations where everybody makes us feel like a king or queen. However, the killing anticipation and the year-long wait is worth it as soon as the clock strikes 12. That’s how special birthdays are, which can be made more memorable with surprises that will make the giftee’s eye pop out and leave them awestruck. Your usual birthday surprise would contain birthday cakes and gifts, but when it’s the birthday of your special person, a special surprise is in order. So guys, if you don’t have any surprises planned, just go through these fresh juicy romantic birthday surprise ideas for girlfriend and make her fall head over heels in love with you. However, if you are away from her you can still surprise her with these awesome ideas followed by online romantic gifts and make your presence felt.

A Midnight Serenade

Midnight is supposed to be magical with stars sprinkled across the sky, and the moon peeping out from the clouds creating a magical aura. While Cinderella’s magic waned at 12, you can wield your very own magical surprise for your girl with a midnight serenade. You can either sing to her after knocking on the door or hire a professional musician to do the deed followed by a special cake. A solo concert followed by a cake will be the last thing she would have expected and will be the best birthday gifts for her.

Get her room decorated with Balloons

Confetti and balloons are a significant part of birthdays so why not surprise her by having her room decorated with hundreds of balloons stuck to the ceiling and floating around the room? These pastel colored balloons will be something like a balloon paradise and make her feel on cloud nine. These days it’s easy to employ decorating and event planning companies to do your bidding and all you have to do lead her blindfolded into the room and yell ‘SURPRISE.’

Carriage ride

You may not be a real prince but you can surely treat your girl like a princess with a carriage ride in the suburbs while whispering sweet nothings in her ear. A carriage ride with a real horse and driver will be nothing short of magical coming straight out of a fairytale. To conclude the ride on a sweet note just add some more magic and surprise her with a personalized jewelry item. These personalized jewelry items like an engraved pendant or charm bracelet certainly count as romantic gifts for girlfriend, which she will absolutely adore. These special combination of a carriage ride and a personalized jewelry item are perfect not only on birthdays but also come in handy to plan a surprise date.

A candlelight dinner

This may seem like the most cliché of gifts but girls are a sucker for romance and an intimate candlelight dinner tops the list for romantic surprises. To add brownie parts in your favor you can even send a private car to pick her up and drop her to your destination where you can gift her a bouquet of roses. This private setting will be a welcome surprise to spend some intimate time with your partner and escape from the usual humdrum of life, a private intimate bubble comprising of two lovers. This good ole’ dose of romance is just what you need to rekindle your romance which is also a classic romantic surprise.

Gift card for a private spa session

Nothing beats a private spa session for a relaxing ‘me-time’ and when you don’t have to pay for this luxurious treat, it just doubles the happiness. This birthday, gift your significant other with a gift card for a spa session consisting of relaxing massages and much-needed pampering to make their day. These gift cards are also perfect gifts for wife on birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine.

Movie Night

To surprise your girl, plan a movie night and cuddle with her while watching her favorite romantic comedy movie. Also, bring in the guns with ice cream, popcorn, and cokes. This simple and easy evening may seem like an understated attempt but will be hit with your girl.

A day out in the city

Time is one of the essential gifts and once it passes you can never get it back. Therefore, in order to not to waste any more precious moments with your loved one spend as much time as possible with them. You can plan a day out where you can visit some important sights in the city with her and treat your taste buds with delicious street food.