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Top 5 Stylish Christmas Decorations to Try This Year

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Suppose you’re seeking some simple, elegant, novel Christmas decorating ideas to get you in the holiday spirit. Moreover, even if your plan includes Christmas Stockings, typical wreaths, Christmas Caps and glitzy conifers, it always helps to branch out from your normal collection of red and green garlands and ornaments. Fortunately, many professional suggestions are available to help you design the ultimate holiday home, whether it be with a sparkling banister, a stacked-high mantel, a classic Tannenbaum, or any combination of the above.

ChrsitmasDecoration - Christmas Gifts

Maximalism can only sometimes be present when decorating for the holidays. John Derian, an artist, and designer, draped an evergreen garland above a doorframe, filled a basket with large metallic ornaments, and hung a delicate paper branch of mistletoe from the cabinet to create this subdued Christmas decoration. It is simple, unforced, and enduring.

  1. Christmas Trees

A stylish substitute for a Christmas tree? A collection of small topiaries clustered together and decorated with wacky red ribbon. The effect was created by designer Sarah Bartholomew, who still outlined a showcase nook in a lush garland for twice the beauty. It has the timeless appeal of Bunny Mellon’s favorite flora.

Flexing your creative muscles can lead to some of the best Christmas décor ideas, as interior designer John McClain demonstrates.


He advises, “Use what you currently have.” “Ribbon and wreaths were used to decorate this bookshelf, and they were carefully positioned in the middle of each aperture. Create a festive bookcase by swapping a few regular accessories with seasonal ones.

How should an opulent Christmas tree be balanced?

A smaller upside-down tree, as photographed by John McClain in this location. He claims that an inexpensive imitation tree was suspended from a grommet well over the table to simulate the features of a chandelier. “Backyard vines painted gold and wired to the base conceal the mechanics and provide a touch of whimsicality.”

Want to add a “wow” element to your Christmas decorations? Bunny Williams, an interior designer, decides on a massive tree. It is expanding every year, she claims. “Ornaments take on a lot of sentimental value and still possess a few from youth. You hang them from the tree every year, and the moment you remove them, you are eager to do it again the following year.

  1. Mantel, Dining, and Kitchen

Look at this Havenly room to see how you can style any nook and corner in your house. The radiator embellished by Shelby Girard, vice president of creative and design for the company, with string lights, garland, and simple stockings.

The holidays are no exception for ELLE DECOR A-List designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. As you can see on his floral-adorned mantel, he always loves integrating as many natural elements as possible into the Christmas decor. Fresh flowers, in particular, are a favorite of his.

ChrsitmasDecoration - Christmas Gifts


He advises using orchids for longevity. They may survive two weeks in the tree or as decorations for your mantel if they have small water tanks on the bottom.

Decorate your home with pieces from nature if you want to create a winter wonderland atmosphere. Bunny Williams decorated her mantel with mushrooms, plastic branches, and other decorations. This appearance has a festive twist thanks to the strings of pine cones plus chestnuts.

Fine Dining- Want to design a dining space that stimulates each sense? Bring some lush greens into the room. With a hanging branch covered with ornaments, Annie Sloan elevated holiday décor to new heights. You may use it as a Christmas tree in the dining area!

Christmas kitchen- It’s a big task to make a kitchen festive for the holidays. But as Julie Blanner demonstrates, it’s as simple as hanging a plain wreath over your stove.

  1. Stairways and spruce on sideboards

No room? No issue! Display a sweet assortment of little vintage Christmas trees on your sideboard. Make a festive tableau with your family’s Christmas antiques to follow suit.

Designer Sarah Bartholomew provided another lovely suggestion for holiday décor. She skillfully strung long red ribbons together to secure a lush garland as it was wrapped along the stairway. We love this outfit, especially when worn with a leopard runner.

ChrsitmasDecoration - Christmas Gifts

Bring the Christmas decorations into your kids’ bedrooms if you want to instill a feeling of wonderment in your home. Annie Sloan ornamented this area with a string of little gifts.

  1. Deck that main door

Need immediate curb appeal? A wreath that matches the garland you use to frame your door will finish the look. Before they enter your home, your visitors (and Santa!) will be in the festive spirit.

ChrsitmasDecoration - Christmas Gifts

A wreath is a tried-and-true way to add festive cheer to any space. Want to kick this Christmas tradition up a notch or two? Decorate it with gilded trinkets.

  1. Enjoy repetition and use asymmetry as an accessory

Consider repetition to be a simple, low-effort approach to communicating a point. The two wreaths go well with the coordinating cocktail and end tables. In case you overlooked it, asymmetrical Christmas decorations can be imperfect. With the help of the rebellious plant and the garland, Annie Sloan gave this room a lot of movement plus visual appeal.

ChrsitmasDecoration - Christmas Gifts

By covering the top with various creams, whites, and ivories, you may bring the winter outdoors inside to your dining room table. Textile designer John Robshaw created a vivid green flower to break up the basic table setting.


For Christmas 2022, Natural Tones are certain to be a major trend. Light greens bring colour to a mostly white palette. Gold, terracotta, plus woody brown accents give the designs warmth. The resultant natural, fresh appearance is a stunning contrast to the season. Unique Christmas Gifts complete your Christmas.


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