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Unique Online Personalized Gifts In India

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Printed Leaf – Keeping a leaf which has the printed image of your loved one is quite magical isn’t it? Imran Khan is the famous artist who has over 25 years of experience doing this. It is one of the most unique customized gifts you can have. This art form is actually very old – originating in southern Kerala. But now it has become almost forgotten.

3D Superhero Clone of You – If a 3D superhero version of you sounds fun to you, probably it will appeal to your loved ones as well. Not everybody thinks of gifting a cloned doll as personalized gifts. This is where your gift will stand out. You can make yourself the Iron Man or Batman or do the same for your friends. Such customized gifts will usually come at a price of around Rs. 4000.

Personalized Newspapers and Magazines – One of the most popular trends in the online personalized gifts section is the newspapers and magazines with personalized pictures and quotes. What’s more? You don’t have to break the bank to get them. They come under Rs. 500 per item. The basic idea is to create your own newspaper or magazine and print them out.

Personalized Storybooks for Kids – Kids love stories but what if the main character in their stories was them? It would be an ideal bedtime story book. These colorful books are available from Rs. 540 onward. Find them in the online personalized gifts section.

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Doodle-A-Song Art – You might think what’s so special about a doodle right? Well a doodle is special in more ways than one. The price for a doodle art starts from Rs. 1000. These types of personalized gifts are unique because they doodle your favorite song. The song will come alive with the vibrant colors and it is worth hanging on your wall once it is done. If you have someone in your life who loves music then Personalised Love Video message gift is worth checking out.

Personalized Caricature – A personalized caricature is for the one who is fun at heart. These online personalized gifts are usually found in the “friends” section of the page. The idea here is to create a graphical image of you. You can also get one for your friends and family. The pocket pinch here is around Rs. 4000.

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