Holi Celebration Ideas in Office

Holi Celebration Ideas in Office

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Holi, the festival of colors! Holi is a colorful festival when everyone comes together to celebrate the victory of the good over evil. It is also celebrated to welcome the spring and saying goodbye to the cold winter days. Holi is all about enjoying the day with close ones, playing with colors, sweets and other delicacies to add sweetness into your relationships. Really, this festival is just another excellent chance to enjoy the day in a great way.

The festival of Holi is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at every corner of India. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to add more joy to the celebration by doing something extra special. Every year, you celebrate the day with your loved ones. But this time, do not forget to commemorate it with your officemates. Yes, you heard right! Your office colleagues are another family. Do the festive preparations by bringing Holi special sweets, organic colors and doing some Holi decorations. For more Holi Celebration Ideas in Office, check out this article and bring a Holi to feel to your office.

Holi Decorations at the Office:

Every celebration demands unique, festive decorations to bring a festive vibe to your space. So this year, don’t forget to decorate the office with the colorful handprints, buntings, happy Holi tags and any other decorative items. All these decorations will help you to turn up the stressful and boring aura of office into a colorful and joyful one.

Play Traditional Games:

To maintain a cheerful aura at the office, you can plan out some traditional Holi games. Traditional games lagori or sakli or you can also go for other games like throwing water balloon into a bucket, making pictures with colors etc. You can present Holi gift hampers to the winning team to hike up the happiness. Go and try out this idea! We are sure; it will definitely work best.

Throw Holi Party:

It is really important to make your office colleagues feel special about being part of your company. Holi is a special day which gives you a wonderful opportunity to do something that can cheer up your coworkers. This year, organize a Holi party at your office! Go and buy Holi pichkari, colors and set up a dj or music box to have a blast at your party.

Organic Colors for Safe Holi:

At the time of Holi, it’s really important to take care of the skin. This year, celebrate the safe Holi with the organic colors as it will not harm your skin and your office mates can enjoy the celebration in a joyfully. You can buy Holi colors online from any gift portals at a discounted price. So what are you waiting for? Just grab it now and have a safe & happy Holi this year.

Sweets & Snacks:

Without delicious sweets and crunchy snacks, the festive celebrations seem incomplete. Don’t you think? Along with the fantastic arrangements of Holi, don’t forget to bring sweets for sweetening the taste buds of all your colleagues. You can bring sweets like rasgulla, barfi or order gujiya online and some other fried snacks like kachori, mathi and many more, just to add more joy to the celebration. This option is one of the best Holi Celebration Ideas in Office, as it do not cause any type of pollution too.


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