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Some Memories are Forever just like Eternal Love!

Some Memories are Forever just like Eternal Love!

"Some memories just come alive with pictures! "

I was just whiling my time away going through facebook and Instagram when i came across somebody's European holiday pictures and one in particular where the couple is shopping in a high end store! Now though we might say oh man, what show offs, we know we all will still go scanning through every pic! Haha! Anyway, coming back to it, this particular pic really caught my eye! The moment i saw this pic, something struck me, something about it...and then i remembered, this was Salzburg!! We had been to this very store in Salzburg and he had bought me a beautiful bag as a birthday gift (it was my bday the very next day)! The comments below the photo confirmed that i was right and i couldnt believe after all these years i still recognised the place! So much love there, that day, so many feelings came rushing back, as if someone had opened the doors to the dam! We were roaming those quiet little streets of that magical town and we stumbled across this store. I screamed ecstatically, 'hey, look at how beautiful the Louis Vuitton store is', and he said 'lets go inside...'. I was still thinking if i should buy it or not, calculating the price difference and the vat return when he told the salesguy to pack it already! I was jumping mad and excited, u know how girls are with their bags and shoes, lol. 

Then we carried on with our charade...we'd made plans for drinks and dinner in an Italian restaurant later so we went back to change to our hotel, we were staying at the Sheraton there and though it didnt have a view of the river, it was still a very cosy and lovely property. It even had one of those traditional shoe polishing machines on every floor! 

A very silly incident happened later that night! On the way back from dinner, i caught him on the phone when i exited the restroom, he kept making lame excuses about who it was and I quarrelled with him all through the walk back to hotel, even doubting him of having an affair (the only time ever in my life, 2004, i was a kid myself...)! But as soon as i opened the door to our room, i was sooo guilty! It was all full of flowers and there was a cake and champagne!! He was just calling the concierge to confirm if everything was in place!! How could i ever doubt him! It was an amazing bday, but then every bday with him was as amazing! 


I know this today that i have been the luckiest girl in the world, to have been loved by a man like him!!! And he sure did know how to love... The most perfect husband, and at heart still my 'crazy in love' boyfriend. The man you look forward to spending the rest of your life with, the man you dream of raising your children with. 

"Find someone, who doesnt need your words to know its time to kiss you..."

-Sumedha Goel