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30 Days of Love

India-gift.in salutes eternal love. And to appreciate your love, we present our Valentine Day Blog '30 days of Love'! In this we will feature your love story in your own words. So if you wish to share your story of love with us then write to us at rupal@mynaa.in. We understand love cannot be judged but we will award the best story with meal vouchers for 2. Celebrate Love with #30DaysOfLove.

As Friends & Lovers- Surprises never end for us

As Friends & Lovers- Surprises never end for us We met each other in college during our Post Graduation and were just friends for 4 months after we met, I was trying to hook him up with a girl Whom he liked initially, but my birthday  turned out to be a turning point of our friendship, he made me realize how special it is to be with him around me,that girl who somehow became his good friend was also eyeing on him, but destiny had something else written for us. I met with an accident just..........Read More

More than Friends, Less than Lovers

More than Friends, Less than Lovers People say marriages are made in heaven, and they really are. While living on earth, we have to find that one person who compliments us very well. We all have a picture of a partner that we dream of, and I also had a picture of how my life-long partner would be. Mine was an arranged marriage. While searching for the man of my life, I rejected many of the guys and still don’t regret about it. Not because I considered myself better than them...........Read More

From Friends to Lovers

From Friends to Lovers Our story started three years ago with an argument over a window seat. We hated each other at that moment. But soon because of common work, we had to speak with each other. We got to talk to each other and came to know we had a lot of things in common.We clicked pretty well and soon became friends and then buddies. We would talk to each other regularly and share our daily routine with each other. Soon i realised she was like my best friend and I..........Read More

The Day I fell in Love

The Day I fell in Love I had a conventional, desi arranged marriage. I liked the guy the moment I met him. You might think I am joking but the bells rang in my mind the time I saw him getting off the car. Now don’t think I was getting desperate to get married. I had other options. But my dil ki ghanti started going off when I met this young man. The man my dad had found for me over the internet. Yes, we today’s coupleprenur found each other through an onlin..........Read More

Love at Second Sight

Love at Second Sight Well it was not Love at first sight but second sight!! My Parents were looking for a conventional arranged marriage and I was in agreement with them. She was the first girl I met & though I really liked her but don't know what made me ask for more. I thought perhaps I was jumping in too soon thus decided to wait and meet a few more girls and then decide.  So I went on for another few months and did meet a few other girls an..........Read More

The Love That Was

The Love That Was Love is different for everyone. For some it is romantic, for others it is an idea. Some have a lifetime, while others have but a few moments. Few are lucky to encounter it in their lives and fewer still who recognize it. I recognized mine and it brought me such joy than even my tears sparkled. I met him when I was 18 in a foreign land. I was naive and scared and was looking for some familiarity. I found that and more. I found a man who started a..........Read More

Love goes around and comes around

Love goes around and comes around She was my senior in college, just by one year. At first thought, I felt it is infatuation but it wasn’t. It developed into love. Soon we were the couple of the college. And the age difference was behind us. Neither did it matter to us nor to others. We spent two years together then she graduated and got into an IVY League college. We decided to stay connected and in love. As the year past by, we did stay connected but not in love. Atleast ..........Read More

Some Memories are Forever just like Eternal Love!

Some Memories are Forever just like Eternal Love! "Some memories just come alive with pictures! " I was just whiling my time away going through facebook and Instagram when i came across somebody's European holiday pictures and one in particular where the couple is shopping in a high end store! Now though we might say oh man, what show offs, we know we all will still go scanning through every pic! Haha! Anyway, coming back to it, this particular pic really caught my eye! The moment..........Read More

  • Dear Sona, I LOVE U...I LOVE U..
    Yours Soni
  • My Riyaaz, This Valentine, please be mine!
  • Dear Priti, You are my eternal love. My life My wife. Always be mine
    Yours Prashant
  • Dearest Kriti, My heart is perfect because you are inside it. Happy Valentines Day
    Hugs and Kisses : P
  • Dearest Piya, I cannot imagine what life would've been if we hadn't met. Thanks for everything.
  • Dear Tiya, To the world you might be someone, but for someone you are the world.
    Love, love, love - Bobby