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Most Popular Fruit Cakes for Birthday Celebrations

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Whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, New Year eve, or any kind occasion, the celebration is not complete without a cake, or several cakes as some cake lovers would want to suggest. This delicious dessert’s history has a very long history and rightly so. Fruit cakes in India can be ordered on every occasion be it Christmas or somebody’s birthday. If you want to buy a fruit cake for someone’s birthday, here are some popular fruit cakes as birthday gift.

•    Fresh Fruit Cake
As the name suggest, this delicious cake is made of fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are not only delicious, they are healthy as well. You can choose any seasonal or exotic fruits for your fresh fruit cakes. You can go to any online cake delivery website and order your favorite fresh fruit cakes in India. Since fresh fruits are used in this type of cake, make sure to opt for same day fresh cake delivery service to avoid staling of your fresh fruit cake.

•    Dry Fruits Cake
Dry fruits cake is not only popular for Christmas but also birthdays. A cake filled with various nuts, raisins and dry fruits, is very delicious and savory. You can order dry fruit cakes from any online websites for cakes. There are many online cake delivery sites which can provide you same day fresh cake delivery.

•    Strawberry Cake
These pink, delicious cakes can take the heart away of any little girl. Gift your little daughter the pink strawberry cake topped with luscious red strawberries and see the happiness spreading on her face. Strawberries are very delicious and popular in India. You can order the fresh strawberry cake topped with fresh cream.

•    Mango Cake
Every India loves mangoes; therefore it is called the king of fruits in India. It is used in different types of Indian desserts and cakes as well. These yellow sunshine cakes are topped with succulent slices of mangoes giving it a beautiful look and delicious flavor.

Tips to Order Fruit Cakes in India
•    Make sure that you are taking the online cake delivery from the trusted and reputed site. You can read the customer reviews to find out whether the company is reliable or not.
•    Make sure to check the payment options available in the website. Sometimes the website doesn’t accept all the payment options. So make sure to check this particular option beforehand.
•    Take great care in filling out the details on the website. If there are any customizations you want on the cake, you should inform them promptly.
•    Make sure that the site offers you the service of same day fresh cake delivery. This is particularly important if you have forgotten to order for the cake prior to the occasion.

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