5 Last Minute Birthday Gifts Ideas

5 Last Minute Birthday Gifts Ideas

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What do you do when you remember at the last minute that there is a birthday of a loved one tomorrow? You can’t possibly forget their birthday, and you have to buy a birthday gift. Because you mean a lot to them, they will actually spend the whole of tomorrow waiting for you to wish them, waiting for your present, even while others shower them with birthday greetings and expensive presents. Thankfully, you can buy a birthday gift online. There are gifting websites that can help you out at the last minute with suggestions for birthday gifts. What’s more, they have a varied range of birthday gifts available in India, and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket either with buying a birthday gift or with the shipping charges in sending it.

1) Flowers– Fresh, fragrant flowers which don’t cost the earth re a nice, frugal gift that easily hides the fact that you almost forgot your loved one’s birthday, because flowers have to be delivered on the doorstep, blooming gloriously, on the special day itself. You can achieve this in a matter of four hours, and yet give the impression that this floral gift was planned much in advance, with the delivery time calculated and specified to be just right. It is easy to send flower in India anywhere even if it is at the last minute.

2) Cake– Birthdays are rarely complete without a cake. Keep in mind that if a party, however small, has already been arranged (and you don’t need an invitation to be there), there will already be a cake. This lets you choose a small, frugal cake, to be delivered at midnight. Online gifting companies let you choose a birthday gift and send it at an appointed hour. If it is a cake, rest assured that your birthday gift can be delivered fresh anywhere in India in a matter of a few hours, because these companies have delivery points at strategic locations in the country. Since cakes are perishable, a fresh cake delivered at midnight, or even early in the morning, will definitely not appear as a last-minute birthday gift.

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3) Sweets– Any sort of celebration in India is incomplete without something sweet. Make your loved one’s special day sweeter with a platter of sweets. Add a nice birthday card, and you have another frugal gift which is perishable, requires delivery within a specific period of time, and definitely does not say last minute.

4) Chocolates– Another pocket-friendly gift would be chocolates. You could choose the finest Swiss or Belgian chocolates, or make do with an enormous collection of Cadbury chocolates. Chocolates trigger the release of endorphins and serotonin, hormones which make a person feel buoyant.

5) Gift Voucher– If you can’t think of anything else that is both economical and a good birthday gift, buy an online gift voucher. Send it online and make sure the voucher can be redeemed in India. It would be one of the best last minute birthday gifts to india  because it offers your loved one the freedom to choose their own gift.

So next time you remember at the last minute that there is a birthday tomorrow, don’t worry. Simply log on to an online gifting site, select a frugal gift and arrange gift delivery anywhere in India.

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